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This one will be a quickie. Promise.

  • Remember seafood Brian from Top Chef? He was easy on the eyes and constantly reminded everyone that fish was his thing? His wife had twins! Bigger news? He named the girl twin Sailor. Classy or Trashy? You can make the call on that one.

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I caught wind of ABC’s latest television offering, Wipeout, last night and saw the sad and unfortunate future of broadcast television starring me in the face. People running through a muddy obstacle course, bouncing off giant rubber balls, getting spun around like a washing machine then trying to race for a prize, and all of this with commentary provided by two dudes who may in fact be the most uncharismatic hosts in history. (Was Roger Lodge not available?)

Wipeout crossed the very thin border between novelty and ludicrous. If it got good ratings last night, expect to see a lot more where that came from.

But don’t let this diatribe fool you…I’m still kind of geeked out about Hole In The Wall.

Human Tetris? Come on! Even I know fun when it slaps me in the face.

Photo: KPIC – Oregon

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