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Marry: The People Who Finally Decided To Watch 30 Rock

The show’s season premiere on Thursday boasted a record 8.53 Million viewers. Welcome to the fold new fans. I thought the episode was only so-so, but this news gets me going again.

Bop: Tivo & Netflix

The two are teaming up to bring Tivo/Netflix subscribers 12,000 titles right to that little set-top box. There is nothing sexier than being able to watch  whenever I damn well want.

Kill: Tyra Banks

Hey single ladies and gents! Tyra wants you to blog about what it’s like to be single in the city. Write hilarious anecdotes about your dating exploits, share your darkest secrets for Tyra public to see. But hey, she won’t be able to pay you and she’ll probably use your free, witty content for fodder on her show. JSYK.

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Remember that movie Life-Size? It was about a doll who comes to life and befriends a girl in need. The doll? A young Tyra Banks. The girl? An even younger Lindsay Lohan.

Yea…this is kind of like that.

That is Tyra’s new likeness at Madame Tussauds. Creepy.

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America’s Next Top Model is BACK! You may think it never went away, as I did, when everytime I flipped on VH1 or MTV there were reruns of the past million plus episodes. But yes, have no fear, TYRA is back on her game. What can I really say about the first few episodes? I did love that they brought on a girl with a serious disability, which they play up as much as possible. classy. And when Chantal (practically identical twin to Trishelle from RW: Vegas…dirty) cried because the view from their house was too pretty not to. Hmmm. Also, when Mila couldn’t stop laughing hysterically when seeing her “cancer look”. yes, mila, that’s hysterical. thankfully…spoiler…she got the boot! I love Jay saying she just couldn’t connect with the true emotions. Sure Jay, that’s it. But my favorite moment of late comes from the wonderful “hoochie” scene in which Tyra tries to differentiate between sexy and hoochie. yep, that happened. It’s gonna be a great season!

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