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The “Seriously Adam Lambert? Really?” Edition

  • Speaking of which, Scandalist put together 5 covers of “Ring of Fire” better than his last night.
  • In other Idol chatter, check out some of Paula Abdul’s “poetry.” I thought she’d gone of the deep end this year but it turns out she’s always been this way.
  • Seth Rogen may host SNL in April. Sweet! BTW did you catch SNL on Saturday? Tracy Morgan did a great job and we saw the triumphant return of Astronaut Jones. No new clip, I’m making do with the old ones.
  • Guess who signed on to do a cameo on The Cleveland Show? Sir Kanye!
  • And finally, my favorite non-TV related link of the week: Scanwiches I’ve yet to meet a food Tumblr I didn’t like.

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It was Oscar night. Fun show huh? I followed it on Twitter with all my Tweeps. Quite a community out there.

Anyway, here are this week’s winners in my book. Suck it academy!

Amazing Race 14: I love these people. Mel & Mike White are so adorable and having the time of their lives. Margie and Luke are generous and enthusiastic. Everyone is compelling (except that pesky dating couple). And did I mention my sincere love for Steve and Linda the couple from Virgina? I am a little concerned about Linda constantly asking Steve whether or not he’s mad at her but when she’s not concerned about his feelings/her well-being , they’re a pretty cute couple.

Spoiler Alert: If she’d only waited and paraglided with Mel! I’m sad to see Steve and Linda depart tonight.

Carla on Top Chef: She has giant eyes, she makes good food and she’s the only person who can beat Stefan for the title. I sincerely hope she does. That guy needs to be taken down a peg.

Breaking Bad Minisodes: I love this show with a fiery passion only reserved for AMC original programming. These little clips are getting me read for the show’s return on March 8.

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How do I know Tina Fey is a comic genius? She can make me laugh out loud in 140 characters or less.

tina-fey-twitterLove it!

You should follow me (and Tina too) on Twitter. All the cool kids are doing it. And by cool kids I mean the 42 folks I’ve convinced so far.

Image: http://twitter.com/TinaFey/

UPDATE 2/13: Sadly, it’s not Tina Fey’s Twitter. Though even Fey admitted the mystery Tweeter is pretty funny. I will continue to follow whoever it is.

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Last year I tried to make new years resolutions for the blog. Let’s check in and see how I did.

  • I will try to embrace channels I don’t normally watch: Hmmm, I did start watching Style, Travel and Discovery but I can’t say I really stepped outside the lines at all. It was a valiant effort though.
  • I resolve to watch more news: This one I really did succeed at. It also helped that I started living with cable news junkies. I still prefer to read the news online or in the paper but it was fun being a MSNBC-rat for the past 12 months. That Rachel Maddow is flippin’ awesome!
  • I’m done settling for least objectionable programming: Yeah, I didn’t pull this one off. I still watch so much trash TV it’s sick. But then again, I’m a TV blogger so I’m dumb feeling bad about it.

I shold probably make some new blogolutions for this year. Here’s the list I have so far. Feel free to add your suggestions for others in the comments.

  • Watch more old TV: Not just old eps of Doogie Howser M.D. on Hulu, but true classics. I want to find time for more Lucy and Sanford & Son. I need a little history in my life.
  • Tweet More: I’m on twitter. It’s a great way to talk TV with other bloggers and even some actors. Kind of neat. If you’re on, follow me. If you’re not, start.
  • Read more TV stuff: I used to read a lot of journal articles about television and media when I studied both in undergrad but it’s definitely slipped off in the last few years. I would like to read more articles, autobiographies and industry magazines. Gotta stay ahead of the game.

What do you think folks? Any other ideas?

Image: http://colorcubic.com/

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