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TV Geek Alert!

I managed to get out of the house to go to an art fair this weekend. Take a look at the hot piece of jewelry I picked up.

Now I just need some Blu-Ray player earrings to match.

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My mother taught me a lot and on her special day, I’d like to tell you about the things she taught me in respect to TV. It’s more than you’d think.

  • Never be afraid to fall asleep in front of the TV. If the show is good enough, “It will be on again.”
  • Every time The Sound of Music comes on, stop what you’re doing and watch. Singing along is highly encouraged.
  • If Mom can’t follow it, it must not be good. (Sorry Lost.)
  • Some shows are worth waking up at 4 in the morning for, even after your family gets you a DVR to prevent this. (Ryan’s Hope is better than one would think.)
  • And finally, it’s okay to talk while the TV is on, so long as you’re asking “really important questions.” (Nope, still not.)

Oh Mom. I love ya. You’re may not have the best TV habits but that’s far from a dealbreaker, even with me. Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and mothers everywhere.

Image: http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/

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I’m going on a trip tomorrow. Since I tend to regress on family vacations, I thought I’d purchase a puzzle book to occupy myself on the plane. Let it be known I haven’t stayed awake on a plane in three years. Anyway, feeling optimistic I went to my local bookseller today and purchased this:


It’s the best of both worlds. Pages and pages of television trivia all in crossword puzzle form. Heavenly!

Do you hear that? My nerd alert is sounding loud and clear.

Image: amazon.com

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Suresh Joachim straddles the line between nuts and totally awesome. He just broke his own Guiness World Record for most nonstop broadcast-television watching by logging 72 hours in front of the tube. He probably broke several other internal organs as well as Joachim admitted to drinking “between 25 and 30 cups of coffee.”

I think the guy deserves a little extra credit. Not only did he subject his eyeballs to 72 hours of TV, he did it by watching three seasons of 24. That’s some heart-racing stuff. Between that and the coffee, I’m not quite sure how he’s still alive.

In case you were wondering, this Joachim is no couch potato. He holds multiple world records including several for running, crawling, drumming, most bridesmaids/groomsman at his wedding, and even standing on one foot. He also holds an unofficial record in being awesome, which he won outright after putting the picture above on his website.

Photo: http://www.sureshjoachim.org/

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It’s that time of week again folks!

Marry: Who’s Wedding Is It Anyway?

I’ve always been a fan of this show but over vacation its been a constant companion. Love the planners, love the bitchy brides, love the grooms who pick ugly tuxedos. It only seems right to marry this show this week.

Bop: Duane Lee, Dog The Bounty Hunter

My favorite thing about Duane Lee? He constantly mentions his Dad, (aka Dog). “My Dad said the funniest thing today,” “My Dad just kicked that guy in the teeth,” etc. We get it Duane Lee, your Dad is Dog the Bounty Hunter. Too bad 8-15 other people can say the same thing. And probaby a few dozen more who don’t know for sure.

Kill: My Pathetic TV

My brother got a new TV over the weekend and it’s flippin gorgeous. I’m pretty sure the actors/hosts/commentators are actually living inside the set. That’s the only reason I can possibly come up with as to why they’re coming in so clearly. Anyway, I came home and decided I hate my TV. It’s 19″ of non-HD crappiness. I have a little HDTV (Think Michael Scott’s bad boy in the Dinner Party episode) but it’s nothing to brag about. Once I finish up school, I am going to invest in something worth watching. I spend too much on DVDs and too much time in front of the tube to have to watch this pathetic TV. Add it to the blogolutions.

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Next summer the US Postal Service is launching a line of stamps commemorating classic black and white TV. The postage will celebrate shows like I Love Lucy, Dragnet, The Honeymooners, The Twilight Zone, and You Bet Your Life among others.

The set is scheduled for release in mid August. I will be sending even more cards than usual.

Hopefully 40 years from now the USPS is really in need of some cash flow and the release stamps commemorating ho-hum ’80s and ’90s TV. A My Two Dads or Small Wonder stamp would be epic.

Image: tvland.com

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I Need My TV


So as previously mentioned, this week has been wackadoodle. Between snowstorms and other freak events, my real life is seeping into my blog life. Double lame. I’ve been so caught up in the busy-ness of the last few days  that I haven’t been able to watch as much TV as I usually do. It sucks. Part of me feels a bit lost and distracted.

Also, I’ve had this song in my head since Sunday…on repeat.

It’s probably not a coincidence.

Thanks heavens I get a welcomed respite tonight. I plan on settling in early, eating pizza and watching Top Chef. Heavenly.

Image: http://www.eadon.com/

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