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There’s a new show on truTV (that’s the old Court TV for the uninitiated) called Ocean Force: Huntington Beach. It’s an actuality show that follows lifeguard working on Huntington Beach. Daring rescues, life and death situations, missing children…it’s all happening in a half hour, and on the beach no less. I guess I miss all the action while I’m eating sandwiches and building sandcastles.

The show is pretty exciting…as far as lifeguarding shows go. In fact, it’s only missing one thing; a catchy tagline.

When I saw the commercials for the show, I thought they’d at least use one of these. But shockingly, they went with: Real Lifeguards Saving Real Lives. don’t want them to go to waste, so I thought I’d share them with you.

  • Ocean Force: The Real Sea E.Os
  • Ocean Force: The Biggest Board Room of them all (Get it? Surfboard? The Ocean? No?)
  • Ocean Force: All in A Wave’s Work (Okay, I don’t even Like That One)

But I don’t see you coming up with anything! Think of some good ones. If we get enough, we shold e-mail them to the show…or just compile the list on the blog.

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