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Mike Detjen the business partner, craftsman, family friend and soccer enthusiast on Little People Big World, died Thursday. If you’re familiar with the show, Detjen was the one seriously injured almost two years ago when the trebuchet on Roloff Farms misfired.

Detjen collapsed during a soccer club meeting. He was taken to the hospital to repair a torn aorta and didn’t survive. The Roloff’s broke the news on their family web site.

“It was a shock,” Matt Roloff told The Oregonian. “He was like a family member.”

Detjen was 60.

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In between grilling copious amounts of brats and burgers, remembering our troops and taking naps outside, please note that Memorial Day also offers a great opportunity for TV watching.

Like the days leading up to Christmas, Memorial Day is rife with TV marathons. If you have an addictive personality, just need to catch up on some old favorites, or if you just have nothing else to do and hate the sun, today is just for you. Here’s what’s coming on:

  • TNT is showing 13 episodes of the original Law & Order today. With so many episodes at their disposal it would have made sense to have a theme for the episodes like “creepiest criminals,” “make-ups and break-ups,” etc. That was kind of a missed opportunity.
  • Jon & Kate Plus 8 takes over TLC today.
  • Oxygen is running back-t0-back episodes of Bad Girls Club this morning followed by Deion & Pillar: Prime Time Love this afternoon. I tell you this just so you can avoid that station at all costs today.
  • Animal Planet is running their popular advice show It’s Me Or The Dog. I always thought this show was truly an ultimatum and a boyfriend or girlfriend would have to decide between the dog and the partner. It’s really just Dog Whisperer with a second-hand Cesar Milan. My show would’ve been a lot more interesting.
  • In an odd choice, FX decided to run back-to-back episodes of That 70’s Show. Even if their original shows (Nip/Tuck, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia) are too raunchy for daytime, they could’ve at least picked a good comedy, or maybe just some old movies.
  • MSNBC is running one of my favorite series’ Lock Up. Sidenote, my roommate and I were watching the show last night and at Kentucky State Pen, prisoners with good behavior can get moved to the minimum security house. The house has cable, a stocked fridge, a vegetable garden and it’s on the lake. Basically, it’s better than our apartment.
  • For those of you who like to kick it old school, BET is airing Diff’rent Strokes all day.
  • And in an odd twist, MTV is running back-to-back eps of American Gladiators. I’m not quite sure how or why.

So have a safe and happy Memorial Day. Don’t drink and drive, wear sunscreen, and avoid the Oxygen at all costs.

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Hump Day Update

Why does so much good TV news happen just in time for the Hump Day update? The world may never know.

  • Aging, (literally) slap-happy, supermodel Naomi Campbell is doing a guest appearance during the season finale of Ugly Betty. I don’t know how they’ll write in all of the cast’s black eyes and broken arms into the episode. That’s what makes them professionals people.
  • In other diva-of-color news, Jennifer Lopez is working on a reality show with TLC. It’s going to focus on how she juggles mommy-hood with all of her business ventures. It will be like Jon & Kate Plus 8, except more like Jen & Marc Plus a 100 person staff and millions of dollars.
  • Orlando Brown, best-boy-friend to Raven on Disney’s popular That’s So Raven, went missing for just over a day. Apparently he left his manager’s house yesterday morning to make a quick 7-11 run. When he didn’t return, the search was on. Brown turned up today and said he just needed some time to himself. I think this is just a publicity stunt for his new album and Disney show. Too soon to say? Come on, no one else thought that? I bet half the people who read his name today thought Orlando Bloom went missing.

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Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is…Instead of Food.

I didn’t want to watch I Can Make You Thin. I was hesitant to give my time to a show that looked like hokum. But tonight it came on and I couldn’t find the remote. The show’s exuberant host, Paul McKenna, sucked me in with his charm and dapper accent. What the hell, I could stand to lose some weight. I watched for the whole hour.

McKenna is a weight-loss guru bases in the UK. His book is amazingly popular and he lectures all around the globe. He has success stories by the barrel full. One of them was on the show tonight and her story was dripping with sincerity.

McKenna gave four golden rules for weight loss tonight. Nothing too groundbreaking.

1. When you’re hungry, go and eat
2. Eat what you want
3. Eat consciously
4. When you think you’re full stop.

And apparently he comes back every week with more tips and ideas. He spoke through the TV. He kept saying ” I’m speaking to you, at home, right now.” I was suckered in like a seven-year-old watching a magic show. I wrote down my weight loss homework assignments and I plan on completing the little challenges this week. The show is on for 5 weeks and McKenna claims that those five weeks can really change the way you think about food.

This is an interesting challenge for me. I plan on taking McKenna up on his challenge not only to see if it works but to put some faith in TV. There is a lot of bullshit on television and that’s saying it nicely. Is this guy legit or just out to sell books? I’m going to take five weeks and find out. You get to come with me.

As McKenna said, “What do you have to lose? You’re already overweight.”

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Hump Day Updates

  • There is just no excuse not to be watching Kid Nation. If these out of context quotations don’t do anything for you then I’m out of ideas. Read some other blog.
    • ” Pelvis has left the building.”
    • ” Those aren’t igloos dude those are teepees.”
  • TLC is taking Pageant Place to the next level. On Miss America: Reality Check, all 52 Ms. America contestants are going to live in one house to see if their ” smarts, attitudes and looks hold up in contemporary society.” The ladies will participate in challenges and events leading up to the finale event. Even with Michael Urie (Ugly Betty) hosting, I think it’s for the best this show is only four weeks long.
  • Over the past two nights I’ve discovered I want to eventually find a guy whose personality is the combination of Yukon Cornelius and Dell from Private Practice. Yukon is obvious. Who else will slay abominable snowmen who get in my way? Dell is a recent discovery though. Tonight, he finally confessed his love for Naomi and it was so adorable. Too bad he confessed it to her ex-husband.
    • ” You know how many women think like that, and look like that, and laugh like that and care? One. So far I’ve met one. And yeah, she’s out of my league in every possible way. But I don’t care. She dazzles me. And I’m not stupid enough to hope that one day I’ll meet someone like her when the time is right because I won’t. I love her. Okay? And I guarantee you-I wouldn’t make her cry.”

Cue the swooning.

  • An anti-whaling group named their boat Steve Irwin. Bindi Irwin had this to say before she was dragged to her next appearance.

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