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I watched the trailer for the new Family Guy spin-off The Cleveland Show this afternoon. You can take a peak as well right here.

I can’t really tell which characters are real and which were just Family Guy inspired jokes. Will Cleveland really live next door to a family of bears? Am I an idiot for asking? Am I supposed to understand how the Seth McFarland universe works or just accept it?

But you know what saved the whole thing? The little ditty Cleveland sang at the end. I don’t know if it’s the theme song, but if anything from this ridiculous trailer gets kept, that’s it.

I’m cautiously optimistic. I will root for this show because:

1. That damn song is so catchy.
2. I always liked Cleveland.
3. I support shows with strong minority leads. If I have to take them animated form, then so be it.


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If you can whistle the theme to The Andy Griffith Show or bop along to jazzy swing of the Dick Van Dyke theme then you have Earle Hagen to thank. Hagen was one of the most prolific composers for TV themes and scores in 1960s and 70s. He passed away yesterday at 88.

About his prolific career and love for composing, Hagen said, ” I was addicted to the ultimate narcosis in music, which is the rush you get when you give a downbeat and wonderful players breathe life into the notes you have put on paper.”

Sweeter words were never spoken. Here’s to you in Mr. Hagen.

And a one, and a two:

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I’ve come across some amazing links the past few days. Who would I be if I didn’t share these nuggets with the edubTV public? A jerk that’s who.

  • Thank you PEOPLE Magazine.com for making this bad-ass Gossip Girl vs. Golden Girls quiz. Do I feel like an idiot for getting half of them wrong? Perhaps. But who knew Blanche never flashed a bartender to get free drinks? I bet I could find that in a deleted scene or two.
  • NERD ALERT: Someone took the time to put every LOST flash-forward in chronological order. I watch this show every week and I cannot wait until it makes sense.
  • Like a compass pointing towards magnetic north I was pulled towards YouTube today and my fingers crisscrossed the keys as if guided by the hand of a higher power. Where did I land? Pepper Ann. I used to love this oft-forgotten Saturday morning ABC cartoon and today I realized just how similar I was to this mop-topped, spectacled awkward teen…still. I might make the theme song my ringtone. Too much?

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Not only do I use the sleep timer on my TV while I fall asleep, but I use the on-timer to wake up. For those of you not familiar with this device, it’s essentially a clock-television. Should my 3 cell phone alarms not do the job, at 6 AM on the nose I am woken up by series of progressively louder beeps and then TBS for the opening chords of the Saved By The Bell theme song. Other than the smell of freshly cooked bacon, it is the best way to wake up.

Last night, instead of setting the TV for TBS, I accidently set it for MTV-Hits, MTV’s annoying kid sister that only only plays shitty pop videos.

So imagine my surprise this morning when the piercing beeps weren’t the only shrill noise blasting my ear drums. Instead, the first thing I saw this morning was Britney Spears’ gyrating pelvis. Color this my worst morning in recent memory.

I don’t want anymore of that. No thank you.

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