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Ooh, ooh me, right here! The series premiere of AMC’s latest drama, The Walking Dead, was awesome. Based on the graphic novel of the same name, the show follows a wounded Sherrif’s Deputy who wakes up in the hospital to find his whole community’s been taken over by zombies. It sounds ridiculous, but writer Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption) tells the story like no one else can. It’s gut-wrenching, intense, and when you’re not a little scared, it’s kind of fun.

I didn’t notice much buzz about the premiere on Twitter last night, and I was a bit worried that no one tuned in. Boy was I wrong. The show boasted AMC’s strongest numbers ever for a dramatic series. You know what that means? It’s probably already headed for a second season.

Even after only 90 minutes of material, that’s amazing news. The Walking Dead just bought itself a season pass on my DVR, and a tiny space in my zombie-loving heart.

Series Premiere Spoiler Alert: See that picture above? The zombies ate his horse people! They ate his horse! I haven’t been that upset about a horse’s death since Artax died in The Neverending Story.

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