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Sorry for the lack of posts folks. The internet is down so I’m writing from the Student Union. I feel very collegiate.

Let’s do a news round-up to get back in the swing of things shall we?

  • Everyone is still reeling over the loss of Tim Russert. His empty chair during yesterday’s Meet The Press spoke volumes. His son Luke spoke to Matt Lauer on The Today Show this morning. Luke’s passion will be a fitting living tribute of his father’s best work.
  • Got an idea for a reality show? This is your chance to get it on the air…seriously!
  • Gawker put together a collection of the best Family Guy news clips. These are the last vestiges of what used to be a very funny TV show.
  • Angelina Jolie’s papa, Jon Voight, was just cast as the villain on the next season of 24. Here’s hoping he just reprises his role as Coach Kilmer from Varsity Blues.
  • The Office spin-off is moving forward…for better or worse…and the first cast member was announced last week. Aziz Ansari is a great comedian best known for his work on MTV’s Human Giant. You can check out Ansari’s personal site here.
  • And in case you missed this last week (sorry if edubTV is your only source of TV news), Tila Tequila thinks her ridiculous show garnered awareness for the LGBT community in California, thus pushing the civil-union decision forward. There are no words for just how ridiculous that is.

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Is anyone else glad Kathy Griffin is back in heavy rotation? The fourth season of her Emmy winning show returns next week and she just hosted the first annual A-List Awards on Bravo.

She appeared on the Today Show this morning to promote both programs and in between pleasantries and one-liners, Kathy “all-up-on” Al Roker. It’s about time someone did it. Lord knows we’ve all been tempted.

You can check out the whole thing on Defamer.

You’re welcome.

Photo: Yahoo TV

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