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Best. Reality Show. Moment. Ever.

If you missed The Mole on Monday, you not only missed an hour of mystery game show fun, you also missed the best exchange ever captured on film.

In the clip, Nicole, everyone’s favorite sassy villain has just about had it with Paul and she lets him know about it.

Spoilers galore, so only watch if you already know who got the boot. If you missed the episode and need a recap, head over here.

It’s a shame no one is watching this show.

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Lots of little stories tonight:

  • Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott welcomed a daughter today. Stella Doreen McDermott is the second child for the couple. Doreen is actually the name of Dean’s late mother. However, does anyone find it curious that’s also the combination of Tori + Dean? Creepy!
  • In sad news, journalist Martin Bashir, best known for conducting an in-depth interview with Michael Jackson a few years back, has a tumor on his pituitary gland.
  • Queen Latifah may finally be getting married to her longtime girlfriend. I’ll believe it when I see it. We’ve been duped before.
  • The TV Land Awards were on last night and all of your favorite stars from 20 years ago and a few of the new ones were out for the event. Best Week Ever has a great rundown of the night.
  • I’m currently in the middle of The Mole. The older woman just had the quote of the night, “Thanks goodness I’m a fluffy lady.”

Photo: Jossip.com

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Dare I say I don’t miss Anderson Cooper. Tonight’s return of The Mole was great. I was hesitant when it was announced that parts of the game would change. From the looks of it, the only thing worth mentioning is that there are a few less questions on the quiz…other than that, it’s the same show I fell in love with years ago.

The games are just as suspenseful and fun as I remember with an exciting combination of mental and physical prowess. The Robinson Crusoe game was very telling. The players selected Nicole as the whiniest person out of the bunch. This meant she got to control the rest of the game. Nicole got to select the players who’d serve as scavengers, timers and appraisers. Some of her selections were spot on (way to pick the old woman as an appraiser, she might love antiques) and some were a little suspect (the heavyset guy probably wasn’t the best choice to be running back and forth on the beach in a time crunch).

Now what happened next was not shocking to anyone who’s ever seen the show before but these people seemed kind of surprised. Whenever the host asks you to pick someone out of the group, this person inevitably gets a privilege. This time, Nicole had to sleep on the island by herself (ala Robinson Crusoe) while the rest of the players went back to the mansion. However, this also meant she didn’t have to take the quiz, effectively earning an immunity.

How did Nicole get selected as the whiniest person in the group? She raised hell the night before and complained about sleeping outside to anyone who’d listen.

The Mole frequently meets with producers and knows what’s coming up the next day. She could just be a bitch, but I think it’s more calculating than that. Nicole knew they were going to ask about who whined the most, so she took the opportunity to label herself as a complainer, thus ripping an exemption from one of the players. Plus, in spending a night away from the game the other contestants didn’t get to know her. That’s less information they’ll have for the quizzes. It’s a great way to start the game.

Think about it.

It’s early yet, but that’s my guess after one episode. We’ll see what happens next week.

ABC won’t let me embed clips but you can check out some highlights , player bios and even take an online Mole quiz right here.

Welcome back Mole. You were missed.

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A small piece of my heart has been missing for 4 years. Tonight, it will be whole again when ABC’s mystery game show, The Mole, returns to television.

I’ll be back to dish about the wacky cast of characters after tonight’s season premiere. This is a moment I thought would never come.

You can find me smiling wide eyed at the television tonight at 10/9 central on ABC.

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Casting All Crazies!

Want to break into reality TV? There are lots of opportunities out there and all of them crossed my desk in the past day. All five of you get to reap the benefits.

VH1 is casting young people to compete for the job of a life time…P. Diddy’s personal assistant. What?? You saw how he treated his would-be talent when he made the Making The Band kids traverse New York to get him cheesecake. Imagine what his personal assistant will have to do? Those people are gluttons for punishment, scary go-getters, or fuckin’ nuts.

This is so VH1. I guess they’re also starting a show called Celebracadra. Guess what that’s about.

My very favorite reality show of all time is coming back and casting as I write. There are open calls in Austin, Chicago, L.A., Nashville, NYC, and Philly. Or you can make a tape. I seriously might audition. I would have to be the Mole though. I just don’t think I’m observant enough to compete.

But if none of those pique your interest, go ahead and apply for My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad. I wish I were kidding.

I want scripted TV back. Now.

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Something To Look Forward To

My prayers have been answered. The Mole is coming back to American television. Not even Celebrity Mole, real, civilian, Mole.

The show is casting right now and shoots in the spring for a summer debut. This time around, the show has a “simpler format,” which makes me wonder how they will adapt the show to encourage new viewers but keep the old fans. Maybe that quiz at the end of the show won’t be so hard.

Supposedly this has nothing to do with the Writers Strike, but I’m not buying it. Either way, one of my favorite shows of all time is returning to the airwaves.

Next push? Arrested Development.

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Writers Strike: Day 4

Today I signed this petition supporting the WGA and their strike. If you are any kind of person at all then you will too.

They’re near 7,000 signatures already in just a matter of hours. It’s nice to know that people are sticking by them. I hope this well of good will doesn’t dry up once people realize the writers seriously aren’t writing and the new episodes of their favorite shows will end very soon.

It did make me think of which reality shows I would like to make a comeback in the interim though. I’m pulling for The Mole! That is probably the most underrated reality competition of all time. If you don’t remember, the show was about a group of people participating in different spy like challenges to win cash and prizes. The catch? There was a mole in the group, a person working to throw the games and keep them from winning prizes. Every episode, players took a quiz about the mole’s identity and the person with the lowest score was kicked off. It was genius and hosted by Anderson Cooper. What more could you ask for?

The full season of UK Mole is streaming online for free right here.

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