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Last week, Gawker posted this handy spectrum of the most Liberal and Conservative shows on television. I thought it raised some interesting questions based on some curious assumptions.

  • 30 Rock is arguably the most liberal show on television, there’s no disputing that. If there were any doubt, take another look at the liberal-tastic episode, “Hardball,” and Bush-bashing season finale, “Cooter.” The show is the wet-dream of what television-smarties like to call the slumpie audience. Slumpie is an acronym for socially-liberal, urban-minded, professionals. NBC was a network by and for slumpies in the mid-to late ’90s (think Mad About You, The Single Guy, Friends, Will & Grace) and to some extent, it’s Thursday night line-up still is.
  • Anyone else curious as to why The Hills made it so far to the right? The Gawker folks apparently stuck it there because there Heidi Montag supports John McCain and because of the show’s lack of ethnic diversity and gay people and it’s general themese of excess. I suppose that makes sense but that seems like an awkward fit to me. If I were a conservative I’d balk at the implication.
  • As far as patterns go, I think in general, Gawker got it right. However, the task is relatively easy when you’re only listing a few shows.

So my questions to the peanut gallery:

  • What does it mean for a show to be liberal/conservative? Is it in the content, the characters, the topics, the dialogue? Or does it start at the top with the creators and the network?
  • Where does your favorite show fall on the spectrum and do you think its audience falls in the same place? For instance, 24 is one of the my favorite shows but I would put myself on the far left of the spectrum. Curious no?
  • And what can be said for reality competitions? Do they have a place at all on the chart? Is Project Runway more liberal than The Biggest Loser ?

It’s things like this that keep me up at night.

Image: Gawker.com

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PopEater, an awesome blog on AOL, has had it with pseudo-celebrities Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt of The Hills.

They’re leaving it up to their faithful readers to vote on whether or not they continue to cover the most annoying couple in the world.

This could be the beginning of a wonderful trend. PopEater is just one blog but the implications of a poll like this could ripple across the internet. As it stands, 70, 653 votes have been cast and 96% of the voters want to give the Speidi the boot.

So take 10 seconds and let your voice be heard.

Photo: People.com

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And apparently Spencer and Heidi were seen buying guns, supposedly for protection. What are they protecting themselves from? Actual jobs?

Photo: Jossip

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No More MTV For You McCain!

Heidi Montag, she-villian of The Hills, endorsed John McCain today. Worse? McCain’s PR machine gave credence to the comment by churning out this statement:

I never miss an episode of ‘The Hills,’ especially since the new season started.”

The whole thing would be funny if McCain hadn’t made these bonehead comments about contraception and AIDS this week.

Poor old man. Now it looks like he pays more attention to semi-reality dramas than global epidemics.

PS: To make him feel better, I put up the hottest picture of McCain I could find. You were young once Johnny, but CSI is more your speed now.

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Finally Some Hills I Can Get Behind

To celebrate the return of The Hills


The elderly Lauren looks like she could actually beat-up the twenty-something Lauren. There’s something about that that makes it even better.

Heavy.com via BestWeekEver

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Well I Can’t Say I’m Surprised

Kristen Cavallari, the original hater on Laguna Beach, is having the tattoo of her ex-boyfriend’s initials removed from her arm.

Reasons why this is not shocking:
1. She put the initials on her wrist.This is kind of an unattractive place unless you’re a rock star, motorcycle enthusiast or a tatoo artist yourself.

2. She was dating this clown, Nick Zano. He may be attractive, but he looks like a douche and they could be brother and sister.

3. She’d only been dating the aforementioned douche for about a hot minute. Without a wedding ring and 25 years, there’s no way you should get someone’s intitals carved into your skin. Get a vanity plate next time.

4. Anyone that says ” What happens in Cabo stays in Cabo” before they even turn 18 is probably going to make a mistake involving a tattoo.

I hope they cover this when Kristen joins the cast of The Hills…rumor of course.

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Escape Into TV This Holiday Season

Every holiday, television networks work very hard to attract viewers and retain them when their days off are over. The best way to do this is with marathons. Nothing says, “Please watch my channel” like a non-stop block of Cops. These marathons are also awesome for testing the waters on a new show or having a ham coma on the couch.

So in case you feel like tuning in, here are the best and worst marathons on TV the next few days:

  • TNT is airing a mini-marathon of ER holiday episodes. ER recognized the importance of the fall finale long before that term existed. These episodes represent some of the best dramatic television of the mid to late nineties. The episodes start Christmas Eve Morning. If nothing else, make time for Hindsight, one of my favorite ERs ever at 1:35 pm CST.
  • A&E is airing several episodes of Cold Case Files. This show is kind of intense, but well made. If you’re into crime shows, might I suggest the Christmas marathons of Cold Case, Monk or CSI:Miami. Brighter colors, cheesier dialogue and less talk about dead children, at least real ones. The latter marathons are on TNT, USA and A&E respectively. Old school CSI is also in marathon form on Spike…but you’ll have to sit through their commercials which leave a lot to be desired.
  • The History Channel is running an all-day tribute to UFOs. Don’t ask me how it relates to history. Last week they aired Forest Gump. I think they’re running out of content. Anyway, it’s a bunch of different shows which is a refreshing innovation to the marathon. You can see Deep Sea UFOS, UFO Hunters, and Beyond War of the Worlds. Just nerdy enough to be cool.
  • And if you feel like hating yourself this Christmas, you can tune in to The Hills marathon on MTV or the Countdown one (100 Greatest Reality Moments, 100 Greatest songs of the ’80s) on VH1. Please don’t watch this. Just don’t give in to the temptation and subject yourself to irrelevant people pretending to be relevant talking about ridiculous things…and that’s just on VH1.
  • The best marathon of all starts on the evening of the 24th with 24 Hours of A Christmas Story. For several years in a row, my favorite gift has been this marathon. It’s hilarious, heart-felt and bundled up in tradition, just like Randy in a snowsuit. And unlike most movies, I really can watch it over and over again. It has some kind of magic power.

And now you have something to do over Christmas Eve and Christmas. Well, outside of family stuff. For some of you, instead of family stuff. And for my chosen friends out there, you just get to enjoy the spoils.

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The Hills Have Lies

Lies Lies Lies! I’ve never been a big advocate for The Hills. Where’s the compelling drama? Local rich girl moves out of the ‘burbs and into L.A. where she lands a dream job, gets drunk, hooks up with random dudes and starts giant queen fights. It’s about as attractive as an ear infection. 

But thanks to a fanatic roommate and an undying need to stay in the cultural conversation, I have seen several episodes of the show. I knew most of it was set-up. I hesitated to use the word fake because the people are still real (for the most part), but the action and results were contrived. 
But this is taking it too far. Apparently, MTV is casting people for “key roles” in Heidi and Spence-Bot’s wedding. WHAAA?
When there is an open call for your Maid of Honor, your life is no longer yours. You are an actress in a well-oiled cash cow. (How’s that for a disgusting metaphor?) How can MTV ever explain this to the many loyal Hills fans out there who  never stopped believing the whole thing was real? 
It just makes you wonder about the rest of the reality shows out there. It’s getting too hard to distinguish between actuality and fiction with non-actors. (Luckily, CourtTV is here to set the record straight.) The implications are alarming. Bad TV–>Fewer advertisers–>Cheaper Programming–>Bad TV. And this writers strike isn’t helping. 
It’s a vicious cycle rich in game shows and dance competitions…and nothing good can come of that. 

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