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I took notes, minute by minute, while watching Private Practice. You’re Welcome. For those of you with TiVos, consider this your spoiler alert. And if this isn’t extensive enough for you, try this out for size.

Minutes: Notes

1: How is Addison affording that house on the shore? That’s a Kate Walsh house, not an Addison Montgomery house.
2: I’ve missed Amy Brenneman. If only Tyne Daly could come back.
6: Taye Diggs is so hot.
9: “I want Ken’s sperm now.” I want to watch something else now.
18: One kiss changing your entire life? Unless someone slips you some tongue while they’re giving you mouth to mouth, I don’t think that’s happening.
27: Remnants of Greys rear their ugly head; First sign of extended metaphor/sappy music.
34: Why would you set up your hippy-dippy medical clinic 10-20 minutes form the nearest hospital? They’ve needed it twice in one day. Their premiums must be outrageous.
37: Holistic Doctor Guy (Tim Daly, Wings) just said, ” I can treat her so she won’t feel any pain.” WTF? Who let Mind Freak near the patients?
43: I’m so bored. I’m going to have BBQ for dinner and I’m getting two sides. I’ve earned it.
50: Cue the extended metaphor/melodramatic music
55: Moon Zappa must have really dug deep to get that very ethereal crying noise to come out. You only hear that at funerals. She’s the best actress on this show. I hope her character is recurring. It was so good, I won’t even make a Valley Girl comment.
56: The shows ends when Addison proves she has a bigger ego (and Adam’s Apple) than Kanye West. ” I saved her life. I saved your asses. I’m a world class neo-natal surgeon and I’m here to stay.” And in”It’s Britney Bitch” fashion, she goes on to say, ” Welcome to the new Oceanside Wellness.”


This should be very interesting…

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