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I’m not usually duped by sweeps stunts. You know, tornados, births, deaths and the like. But everyone knows the best part of spin-offs is the potential for crossovers. As a fan of Private Practice, I had to bite the bullet and watch tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy out of fear I would miss provacative details about the case.

***Spolier Alert***

I didn’t.

I was suckered into watching Grey’s, a show I haven’t paid attention to since the fall of 2007. Tonight, I was reminded why I quit the show cold turkey. Nothing ever changes. Meredith is still whiny, and over reacting and Izzy is still as annoying as ever. Even the new characters (at least new to me) were uninspiring. Who is Dixon and why is she shaking? Who is the blonde woman with the giant eyes and why is she kissing Callie? Bailey provided a little respite…until she pulled out that bedazzler. (Really? Even if she had one, why would she have it at the hospital?) I asked these questions to myself and quickly realized I didn’t really want the answers. I’m over it and just glad my suspicions about the decline of Grey’s Anatomy were confirmed.

But here’s the rub. Tonight’s Private Practice will probably bleed into next week’s Grey’s (damn you sweeps!). Do I give it another go next week, or just ignore the Derek side of the story?

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