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  • My least favorite “chef” on Hell’s Kitchen sliced off the tip of his thumb in a cooking related fiasco. Gosh that guy is a tool.
  • Did anyone else know Kristen Davis, Charlotte of Sex and the City fame, is a recovering alcoholic? She’s been sober for years apparently so those Cosmos were probably just raspberry lemonades. Chances are, she quit cold turkey after this.
  • Tonight’s American Idol results are the first step to restoring the international community’s faith in America.
  • I saw an “exclusive engagement” (their words not mine) of the new Indiana Jones movie tonight. It was a great movie, full of fun, surprises and action. Too many corny special effects but I’m no movie blogger. The biggest surprise of the night was the excellent performance by Shia LaBeouf. He was genuine, witty and surprisingly realistic as a 1950s greaser. Who knew the happy-go-lucky kid from Even Stevens would end up side by side with Indiana Jones? I wonder what happened to Ren?

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