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Break out the celebratory cosmos: Sex and The City star Cynthia Nixon announced her engagement to long-time partner, Christine Marinoni over the weekend!

Nixon and Marinoni have been together for about five years.

The couple plan to wed in New York, pending legislation.

Kudos ladies!

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Yes, I know it’s Tuesday. However, tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I will be half drunk and eating Italian food at the neighbors’, therefore, no time to talk TV. Let’s go ahead and dish now.

  • Diane Sawyer almost lost her shit this morning on Good Morning America over…well…baby shit.
  • So apparently not everyone was pleased with last night’s Prison Break fall finale. I will sit through every episode of PB if it means I get to watch Lincoln bash the heads of random innocents he mistakes for criminals
  • Entertainment Weekly declared The Colbert Report the best show on television this year. Funny? Sure. But the best?
  • So Jenny dies on The L Word next season. The jig is up. The mystery now is who the culprit is.  My vote? Every single person who watches The L Word.

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Ok, let me preface this post by saying I used to love entourage. I still remember being in college with some of my buddies and joking about how this was the greatest show ever and how awesome it was that HBO finally offered a show poised to be the male equivalent of Sex and the City.

Well folks, my love affair has ended, and apparently, there are some other scorned lovers out there as well. Entourage was a special show from the get go. It featured a lifestyle that, lets face it, is one we all might like to get a taste of. It was able to give viewers a behind the scenes look at the Los Angeles rubix cube known as Hollywood. From business deals, fast women, faster cars, and the empty lives some of these people lead, the show exposed it all–and we watched.

Sadly, this season has come crashing to a boring halt. Characters seem lifeless, the story lines are all over the place (are they ever gonna address drama’s drinking problem or Ari’s anger management issues–which are becoming downright scary)?

This show had a chance to reach new heights and tackle some challenging issues. They needed to force Vince, Turtle, Drama, Ari and E to grow as characters and as men in the primes of their respective lives. Instead, we get an episode about doing magic mushrooms in the desert, while the gay assistant has a naked pool bash. Truly groundbreaking television.

Entourage used to be a shining gem in the HBO lineup, and now, It’s just a show that I time shift after I watch Dexter and Desperate Housewives. I wish the guys in L.A. the best and hopefully they can recapture the magic they had four seasons ago, because quite frankly, I’m just done with season 5.

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So close to three months after everyone else, I finally saw the Sex and the City movie.

It was exactly what I expected: Witty, sad, heartwarming, girly and altogether fun.

Worth the hype? I’d say so. The whole thing just felt comfortable. It was like the ladies never left TV (Thanks to syndication I suppose they haven’t.) I slipped back into their relationships, patterns, and neuroses like an old pair of sneakers. Something about it just felt right.

That’s not to say the movie was perfect. They took Miranda and Steve into a weird place, I could’ve used a little more Jennifer Hudson and **SPOILER ALERT*** I’m a little sad to see that Carrie ended up with Big…again.

Ultimately though, Sex and the City is about a group of friends. And nothing made me happier than waiting the entire summer to see the movie for $3 with my oldest friend on the weekend before she heads back to school. Talk about comfortable.

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Speaking of cult shows I enjoyed, Jason Bateman confirmed the Arrested Development movie is on and will hit theaters next year.

Can you see it?

That’s me smiling from ear to ear.

Suck it Sex & The City. This a TV show that needs some closure.

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The good people over at Vulture talked to red-blooded American dudes about things they’d honestly rather do or experience as opposed to seeing the Sex And The City movie.

The list includes things as benign as eating someone’s booger and as ridiculous as getting attacked by one of Michael Vick’s dogs. Who says men aren’t over-dramatic?

Check out the very funny post for yourself.

You know what probably scares the boys off? Shit like this.

Despite (or is it because of?) all of the hype surrounding SATC, I plan on checking out the flick. I wasn’t a huge fan of the show while it was on but I’ve grown to appreciate it in syndication and I’m curious to see if Carrie and Big end up together. My secret hope? Aidan swoops in and steals her away at the last minute.

A girl can dream right?

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  • My least favorite “chef” on Hell’s Kitchen sliced off the tip of his thumb in a cooking related fiasco. Gosh that guy is a tool.
  • Did anyone else know Kristen Davis, Charlotte of Sex and the City fame, is a recovering alcoholic? She’s been sober for years apparently so those Cosmos were probably just raspberry lemonades. Chances are, she quit cold turkey after this.
  • Tonight’s American Idol results are the first step to restoring the international community’s faith in America.
  • I saw an “exclusive engagement” (their words not mine) of the new Indiana Jones movie tonight. It was a great movie, full of fun, surprises and action. Too many corny special effects but I’m no movie blogger. The biggest surprise of the night was the excellent performance by Shia LaBeouf. He was genuine, witty and surprisingly realistic as a 1950s greaser. Who knew the happy-go-lucky kid from Even Stevens would end up side by side with Indiana Jones? I wonder what happened to Ren?

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