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Goodbye Uncle Leo

Len Lesser, better known as Uncle Leo on Seinfeld, passed away this morning.

Lesser’s career spanned 60 years and included television roles on ER, thirtysomething, and Everybody Loves Raymond.

You’ll be missed Len. Here’s one of my favorite Leo moments.

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I’m in DC for the Inauguration! Here are the awesome TV related sightings I’ve had so far:

  • Staying at a friend’s house. His roomate saw Kevin Nealon at Lucky Bar. No details on Weeds.
  • Lots of camera crews around. Walked past the MSNBC mobile studio. Waved excessively.
  • Went to the  *finally finished* American History Museum after a 10-year wait. (Long story) Saw Kermit the Frog, the Puffy Shirt, Steven Colbert’s portrait, an exhibit about television and the Vietnam war,  and a striking Abe Lincoln impersonator
  • Remember Spike from last season of Top Chef? He runs a super burger joint right by Capitol Hill. Had a delicious burger there and saw Spike cooking up burgers on the line.

Back at home for Inauguration? You can watch all the action on HBO, online at Hulu or just pick your favorite news source.

I may not be back in the blogging swing of things until next week but I’ll try to keep updating the Twitter.

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For some reason, Seinfeld is hitting the road. Not Jerry Seinfeld, a nationwide bus tour celebrating the popular ’90s sitcom. Think of it as a Weinermobile about nothing.

The Seinfeld Campus Tour features a mini-museum with show props (Fusilli Jerry!) one of the show’s Emmys and some scripts. There are also a spot where fans can play the new Seinfeld Scene-It (remember that for me come Christmastime), and eat snacks inspired by the show (Black & White cookies are on the menu, no word on the marble rye.)

The bus rolls into Madison in late October and I plan on stopping by. If nothing else I can get myself a cookie, play some Scene-It and ask the kids on the bus how they got such a sweet gig.

Here’s the website for more info on the tour. If it stops in your town before mine, tell me how it goes. Don’t yada yada yada over the exciting parts.

Photo: Pop Candy

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The Puerto Rican Presidential Primary is today, and Hillary Clinton likened her campaign experience there to “..one big Puerto Rican Day Parade.” All of the commotion around PR, the primary made me think of a now infamous episode of Seinfeld.

The episode featured the gang trying to get home after a Mets game. Because of the traffic from the Bronx Puerto Rican Day Parade and an abrasive driver in a Maroon VW Golf, Elaine, Jerry, George, and Kramer split up. Hilarity ensues for the entire cast, but the comedy was short lived.

In one scene, Kramer accidentally sets a Puerto Rican flag on fire with a sparkler then attempted to put it out by stomping on it. An angry mob chased Kramer and ended up throwing Jerry’s car down a flight of stairs. Jerry quipped, “It’s like this everyday in Puerto Rico.”

Leaders in the Puerto Rican community called on NBC to apologize, as the scene blurred the lines between comedy and racism. NBC made an official statement and apologized. They promised to never aired the episode again (though it was the second to last episode of the show ever) and they originally removed it from the syndication package. However, the episode re-appeared in 2002 with the flag burning scene.

Just a little Seinfeld history for you on this Sunday afternoon.

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Which Seinfeld Clip Would Be Appropriate….

Jerry Seinfeld could’ve died on Saturday. His brakes went out and the comedian was forced to pull the e-brake. His 1967 Fiat flipped once and almost skidded into a busy intersection. Seinfeld walked away unscathed but I couldn’t help but wonder; What YouTube clip would I have picked in tribute?

Only one could come to mind, and it actually exists on YouTube.

The Jerry Seinfeld tribute would also include the following catchphrases, ” Yada, yada, yada,” “Not that there’s anything wrong with that,” ” Man hands,” and ” No soup for you.”

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Get Out! (Aggressive Shove)

The story started simply enough.

Eli Manning loves Seinfeld.

Jay Zollar, General Manager of the Fox affiliate (WLUK) in Green Bay, said he is pulling the 5:30 PM re-run of Seinfeld from the air on Saturday so Eli will be out of his element for the NFC Championship. Not only that, but the station will air God, Family & The Green Bay Packers instead.

But Zollar didn’t know what he was in for. Sony got wind of the debacle and is shipping the entire series and a DVD player to Manning. In a statement on the WLUK web site, Zollar now rests his hopes that Eli will be stay up all night watching Seinfeld and won’t get any sleep. Even going as far as to quip, “No sleep for you.”

This whole story would have been a lot funnier if Manning’s favorite show was really embarassing. Something like Still Standing or One Tree Hill. Wishful thinking.

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George Steinbrenner is reportedly giving up control of the New York Yankees and passing it on to his sons Hal and Hank.

What will I miss about the Steinbrenner era? Nothing. Except of course, Larry David’s charming impersonations of him from Seinfeld.

This scene is one of my favorites. Feel better heartbreaker. Enjoy your golden years.

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