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January is basically the new September. Not only do you have to welcome brand new shows into your previously established and well-honed TV line-up (Damn you Trust Me!) but you have to find spots for old favorites that are just getting started like 24 and Lost. Without some organizational wizardry it can get pretty ridiculous. Thank heavens The TV Addict has come to my rescue once again and put together a calendar of the premieres and returning shows so you won’t miss anything.

You can download a copy for yourself right here!

And take a look at January 18th. My brain might explode from premium cable awesomeness.

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Last night we were presented with three new comedy offerings. How did they stack up?

The Good: Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update Thursday, NBC
This show is exactly what it sounds like. The folks at SNL are starting a new show that is essentially one sketch and 15 minutes of Weekend Update. It’s like The Daily Show but without those pesky guests sucking the funny out of the room. This week’s debate sketch fell a little flat without Tina Fey in the room but it was nice to see Chris Parnell reprise his role as Tom Brokaw. The highlight of the show for me was the return of one of my very favorite Weekend Update features, “Really, With Seth & Amy.”

The Bad: Kath & Kim, NBC
I was expecting big things from this show. I have a girl-crush on Molly Shannon and anything that John Michael Higgins touches is gold in my eyes, but this just didn’t cut the mustard for me. I have no problem watching characters that are a bit flawed and nutty (ex. The Office) but this was just too much. The mall culture, the fitness craziness, the child-like attitudes, etc. Any one of those pieces separately would be fine, but the combination is little much.

It was hard to watch at some points, not because it was awkward, but because the comedy was so self-indulgent. I could almost see the writers on this show cracking up while they wrote it, meanwhile, I just wasn’t in on the joke. It’s one of those shows that will need to hook people right away and since the promos for it have been a little slow since the Olympics, I don’t know that it will. The only thing saving it right now is its time slot.

The Ugly: Testees, FX
Oh my God this show sucks. Seriously, I can’t believe I watched the whole thing. It’s about two schlubby guys who take tests for the local pharmaceutical company (get it, they’re Testees?). The rest of the show is not that creative. Last night’s pilot had the fellas getting some sort of suppository injected. One got the placebo, the other got a big belly and thought he was pregnant. Then out of nowhere, he tries to abort the baby with a coat hanger…through his butt…because that’s how he thinks the baby got in there.

This show had the potential to be hilarious. The possibilities for humor in the pharmaceutical industry are near endless. Too bad this show decided to bypass all of them for scatological humor and dick jokes.

I expected more from creator Kenny Hotz, but then again, prior to this effort he was best known for his work on the hilarious game/reality show Kenny vs. Spenny. (By the way, Spenny was on Testees last night too. He played a guy who was testing out some penis enlargement spray. I rest my case.)
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To mark the 20th season premiere of The Simpson’s, National Geographic sat down with daughter, musician and passionate environmentalist Lisa to talk about going green, eco-tourism and recycling among other things.

You can find the entire interview online, but here’s a snippet:

Since nuclear power has low carbon emissions, do you now respect Mr. Burns?
You know what has really low carbon emissions and releases no radiation? Wind power! Sorry I lost my cool… you know what else is losing its cool? THE EARTH!

You tell ’em sister!

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My brother and I get on gChat and talk about TV occasionally. Here’s today’s installment on the season premiere of Desperate Housewives. The show is now taking place five years into the future. I add some punctuation, capital letters, and a few items in parentheses so the conversation actually makes sense.

: I happened to enjoy Desperate

10:30 AM Chris: Yeah, I guess it got a little better towards the end.
10:31 AM The 5 yr experiment should be interesting, but it should take the show in a new direction.
me: I liked the whole thing. I was kind of sick of some of the old stories and this kind of lets everyone start over.
10:32 AM Chris: Yeah I feel ya. I think they really did it because, babies aren’t that interesting. A couple of the women had really young kids–C’mon, how fun is that?
10:33 AM me: Not fun at all. I thought it was interesting that we still didn’t really see Susan’s kid.He’s like 5, she was without him a lot.
Chris: Yeah not until the very end.
LOL…cause she’s the worst mom ever.
me: Exactly. And I didn’t think Lynette’s twins were 11 last season.
Chris: (Still on Susan) …and doesnt she write KID’S books? NQ…..NOT QUALIFIED, lol.
me: (on the twins) They looked about 9.
10:34 AM And where is their (Lynnette & Tom’s) daughter?
10:35 AM Chris: Yeah, I would agree on both fronts about Lynette’s kids…I was kinda wondering the same thing. But once again..8th graders are boring. There’s a lot you could do with high school kids who are of driving age.
I think they are just trying to maximize story lines.
me: Yeah but they could’ve made the other son driving age
Chris: Ahhhh, good point.
10:36 AM But he is kind of a nerd right? Maybe he’s already at college
me: Well he must be.
If their saying the twins were 11 last year, the older one must’ve been 12 or 13.
Chris: yep
10:37 AM me: Well either way it was interesting. I like that Edie’s husband is a rage-a-holic.
10:38 AM Chris: (Going totally off subject) Oh crap…i just realized i never watched P-Break last night.
Sweet…Bonus DVR today!
me: It was good.
Chris: (Returning to the subject) Yeah, you know they had to have a twist, and with that creepy hair—I figured it was him.

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Showtime is streaming the season premiere eps of Dexter and Californication for free, right now on their website.

Want to get in on the action? Go here. You’ll need the password.

It’s Lady Killer.

Get it? Because Dexter is a serial killer with some ridiculous issues and because David Duchovny and his character Hank Moody love ladies…a little too much. Oh Showtime, you slay me.

I’m holding out for the actual premiere on September 28. Not only because I want to see it in HD, but because when I was a kid season premieres meant something. Now you can see them three weeks early and watch them over and over again all week. Where’s the fun in that? Sometimes I miss the good old days of appointment television.

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