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NBC aired the Scrubs “finale” last night. I throw “finale” in quotes because it wasn’t quite a series finale and not really a season finale. I filled you in on the battle NBC and ABC are having over the quirky medical drama. Chances are, it will be heading to ABC this fall, but things aren’t certain.

Anyway, NBC went forward with a sort of send-off, sort-off final episode. Zach Braff directed the episode which was based loosely on The Princess Bride. Cute idea. Soem of Scrubs‘ best episodes broke their one-camera comedy conventions. But this time it was just…okay. The episode would’ve been just mediocre if it hadn’t been labeled as the finale. But because it was, I had high expectations.

The episode was unfunny from start to finish. I only chuckled at the occasional joke about horse manure, a sad state of affairs. There were few conventions of a series or a season finale. Relationships didn’t seemed wrapped up (series) but there weren’t any cliffhangers (season). Other than people in funny costumes and make-up, it was just ordinary.

If ABC doesn’t pick it up, Scrubs will go down in history in the annals of shows with poor finales. Who else is in that book? Seinfeld, Gilmore Girls, and even Arrested Development finished on a sour note. It’s a shame really, and hopefully this isn’t the last time we’ll be seeing the gang. But if it is I will try to remember the good times…especially the funny ones.


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