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After a very busy work week I was finally able to screen the intense, four hour premiere of season 7 of Fox’s 24. Now, I’ve been a fan of the show for about half of a decade and have seen every episode, often watching 24 episodes in one short weekend. An obsession? No, just good TV.


Anyway, this season started off pretty strong, with a great twist in hour 3. But this is not a post about the series as is. Instead, I want to focus on something that stood out to me in this premiere more than in any other season: the music. The soundtrack for 24 is always intense, always heavy and loud and jolting. However, I found this premiere’s soundtrack to not only fill the usual role, but also to add a new element with fresh sounds that sync very well with the plot and action. Not only was the sound great throughout the action sequences, but it was particularly good during the build up prior to action scenes.

So keep your ears open for the next show and let me know if you find your reaction as positive as mine!

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