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Julianne Moore is going to play Sarah Palin in an HBO film.

Even though she’s a gifted actress,

and even though she’ll ┬áprobably net a few noms from this picture,

and even though she looks great in business casual clothes,

I don’t want her to do it. Not her, not anybody with actual talent. There are better stories, there are better roles, there are people more worthy of this budget, of our attention.

Let’s stop celebrating mediocrity for awhile.

Image: PEOPLE.com

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Sarah Palin, the real one, had a guest appearance on last night’s SNL. I thought it missed the mark a bit. She barely said three-dozen words and needed the help of Alec Baldwin, Mark Wahlberg and a lead-in from the funnier, witter version of herself (Tina Fey) to make the sketch float.

I will give her credit though: The woman is campaigning for the second highest office in our country so there’s only so much she can do and say on late night TV and get away with without the media pouncing on her. With that in mind, not half bad.

It was pretty cool to finally see Fey and Palin side by side though, even if it was brief.The resemblance is truly uncanny.

After the cold open, Palin returned during Weekend Update only to be mocked mercilessly…in rap-form no less! Palin’s occasional raising of the roof only sweetened the deal. The verdict on the hip-hop throw down is mixed but I thought it LOL-worthy. Watching Amy Poehler shoot a fake gun and dance wildly while 9-months pregnant will never cease to amaze me.

But the real winner of the night? Will Forte reprising his role as MacGruber.

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  • Tina Fey threatened to move to outer space if John McCain and Sarah Palin win this election
  • Speaking of which, the rest of the TV public (lead by the New York Times no less) is finally as outraged as I am that 30 Rock isn’t starting for another two and a half weeks.
  • This Friday, October 17, there will be an entire Jeopardy category devoted to Mad Men. You can practice your skills online right now with an online edition of Mad Men Jeopardy right now though.
  • Best new feature ever: An addictionary for all things The Office on NBC.com. Fans can add their own entries which means some are much funnier than others. I’m glad someone else remembered this.
  • Gawker ran a wonderful piece today by a guy who tried out for America’s Got Talent. Oh the shit they put you through.

Photo: http://www.examiner.com/

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Yes, I thought the latest Fey as Palin sketch was hilarious, thanks for asking. Like every blog ever in the past two days, I will go ahead and link to it in case you missed it.

However, I finally caught the full episode of Saturday’s SNL and I must say, this sketch was much funnier. Now more than ever, I am confident Kristen Wiig will fill Amy Poehler’s shoes well when she departs the show following the election.

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TV goes on hold for the night for the one and only Vice-Presidential debate.

If for nothing else, it’s probably worth tuning in so you’ll understand the jokes on this week’s SNL. If there is a debate sketch, rumor has it Queen Latifah’s been tapped to play moderator Gwen Ifill.

But if you’re not a politico, debates can be a little tedious. Lucky for you I stumbled on a link to Palin Bingo! There are four cards available so you and your friends can play along. I doubt it will take too long to get a “media blackout” as some of the tiles are things like “Gee,” “Earmarks,” and “Lipstick.”

We may not get to watch The Office this week, but this a comedy night done right of a different color.

Image: PalinBingo.com

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Frankly, I don’t which corn tribute I am more offended by:

Vice-Presidential nominee Gov. Sarah Palin:

Or American Idol runner-up David Archuleta:

Scary! And a-maize-ing!

Photos: http://www.accessatlanta.com, http://www.scandalist.com

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