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Everyone and your mother is reminding you to vote today. Who are we to avoid the fray? Vote. If nothing else you’ll get some free stuff out of the deal, like ice cream, donuts, or a vibrator.

When voting, make sure you don’t get sucked into the machine. If this election cycle has taught me anything it’s that nothing is off limits anymore.

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Bravo recently began the new reality TV series, “The Rachel Zoe Project.” The show follows A list celebrity stylist and fashion semi-icon Rachel Zoe through her daily routine. Only two episodes have aired and I am completely and utterly obsessed.

Along with a slew of hilarious catch-phrases and crazy antics, Zoe provides an insider look into the world of celebrity fashion. More importantly though she provides a fairly raw look at her own life, at her work style, her goals and her personal relationships.


I’ve found the show to be more than amusing as the real life characters are seemingly unreal. Taylor and Brad, Rachel’s styling associates and absolutely hysterical. Bizarrely, I do know people like this, however it’s hilarious to watch these characters live on TV and in a different context. I can’t wait for more episodes to come!

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Kathy Griffin took home her second Emmy for Best Reality Program for her hit show, My Life on the D-List.

Her speech was low on controversy this year but still gave the crowd a few sassy remarks.

Griffin is coming off an amazing week as she just added an unprecedented 4th show at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles after the first three nights sold out!

Still on the D-List? That’s going to be a tough argument these days.

PS: Loving her new hair cut! It was looking a little ragged during My Life… this year.

Photo: PEOPLE.com

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Drag Queen night on Project Runway : Broadway Night on American Idol

What’s with these shows this season? Week after week you berate your contestants for making their clothes too costume-y, too drag queen-y and then you give them an entire Drag Queen challenge? The same thing happened on Idol this season during Andrew Lloyd Weber night. It just doesn’t make sense.

On a positive note, it is wonderful to see Chris March again. I miss his laugh and wacky style.

That’s my two cents.

Photo: NYCblog.Citysearch.com

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Rami Kashou was attacked at a nightclub late last night.

Rumor has it that someone chucked a bottle at his head and he got pretty roughed up.

I’m curious to see if this is the work of a homophobic coward; an idiot who hates reality-TV; or Sweet P.

PS: Yes, the title of this post is a play on the fact that Kashou sounds like cashew and assaulted sounds like salt. Eat it.

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I fuckin’ love cliches. Reality show cliches are even better. Thanks Videogum!

Favorite part? “This is not America’s Top Best Friend.”

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The good folks at Slate took in some of the coursework offered by the New York Reality TV School. Apparently this place teaches you how to let your freak flag fly just right to attract the attention of all the right people.

You can sign -up for an intensive one-time workshop or a five week course. The intensive course is three hours of improvisational training, practicing for reality show challenges/games, strategies for dealing with wacky personalities, etc. You can also sign up for a Q&A session with a casting director.

For $300 bucks you can sign-up for the five week course and really find yourself. Figure out the best ways to make a submission tape, tell your life stories, resolve (or instigate) conflict and more.

The program does most some legit credentials. Apparently they’ve helped folks get on shows like Top Chef,The Bachelor, and The Apprentice. But seriously? At what point do you hit rock bottom and decide a piece of your next pay-check is going towards reality show school?

Though I suppose there are worse ways to spend your stimulus check.

Photo: NY Reality TV School

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