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I grew up in Wisconsin. (And according to my license, voter registration, and license plates I still live there.) Because I grew up in Madison, America’s favorite mid-western Liberal hub, I am about as blue as can be. As Kathy Griffin once said, “I’m for gun control during gay weddings.”

But I’m also a child of the ’90s, who watched way too much MTV, way too young. I was a huge fan of the Real World and Road Rules before they started doing those stupid challenges. In fact, my very favorite season of the Real World was Boston. Come on Montana? Genesis? That one guy from Boulder? They worked at a community center! It was epic. One of the by-products from that season was Sean Duffy, a competitive lumberback from Wisconsin. And in case you missed it, Sean Duffy just got elected to the House of Representatives. Yeah, beware America, there’s a Real World alum in congress.

This is where I’m torn. I love Wisconsin and old-school MTV. He married Rachel from Real World San Francisco for crying out loud! (Points for Duffy!) But I’m not crazy about his Republican politics (Boo Duffy!)

I do wish him well though. Politics aside, he seems like a good guy. Plus, the livelihood and continued success of my state and my country are now his primary responsibility. But at the first sign, the very first sign of idiocy, I’m out. “Wisconsin Liberal” me  trumps “Mid-90s Reality Show Fan Girl” me.

PS: I see why he won, his commercials were awesome.



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It’s Wednesday. How are you celebrating?

  • The Real World is shooting in Brooklyn for its 21st season. In case you’re counting, this is the 3rd time they’ll be in New York. I wrote a post about this for my other blog but let me just say this: Really? Three times in NYC? There’s no other place in the worth checking out? In this entire country? Really?
  • My favorite chef got voted off Top Chef tonight. I miss his wily antics already.
  • In other chef show news, Hell’s Kitchen saw its highest ratings ever last night thanks to a lead-in from the Idol final 3. They did a blind taste test last night to test out their palattes. This is a similar to a recent quickfire on Top Chef. The only difference? When the highly trained, near-expert chefs on Bravo were distinguishing between expensive and cheap olive oil, the cooks on Hells Kitchen were just trying to recognize chicken. Not free-range, nothing special. Here’s a forkful of something, what is it? Chicken. The best part? The woman got it wrong. Thank heavens the show is entertaining because these people can’t cook.

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Can We Talk About Real World Hollywood?

Just wanted to get a few things off my chest.

-One Hour Episodes
Cheers: 6 Months of Real World is ridiculous. Anyway to condense that is highly appreciated.

Jeers: When MTV runs the episodes over and over again, as they’re known to do, it will take up a lot more time on the line-up.

Cheers: I liked the recruitment strategy for this one. If the show is in Hollywood, have the entire casts come right out and say they want to be in show business. No sense in beating around the Reality TV bush.

Jeers: Because they all want to be in the industry, all of them are constantly “on.” You can’t really tell who’s being genuine…which brings me to my next point.

-Pretty Boy
Cheers: MTV took a risk when they let the public pick a cast member in an online vote. It’s tiny bits of innovation like that that keep a show fresh in its 20th season.

Jeers: I can’t tell if Greg (screen name: PrettyBoy) is a giant douche or just misunderstood. I’m leaning towards the latter which makes his roommates look like the former.

-The Rest of the Cast
Cheers: In a throwback move, MTV managed to find people who are actually compelling. Take Brianna, she just got out of an abusive relationship with her boyfriend, she has a warrant out for her arrest back in Philly, and she made it to the Top 45 on American Idol.

Jeers: In a contemporary move, it’s revealed that she’s also an exotic dancer. She brought zip-up boots in her suitcase.

We’ll see how this all shakes out. I’ll try to keep the Real World XX (Ha, get it it’s like 20 and X rated! Oh MTV you slay me!) posts from clogging the blog. But this season looks better than the previous two already so here’s to hoping.

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Coming Back In The Future

Just got off the phone with my friend Liz. We like to gab about TV and today we spoke about what shows we’re looking forward to in 2008. Here’s the short list:

  • Real World/Road Rules – The Gauntlet: I have my money on Coral. I don’t even know if she’s playing. She could win from afar. Just like Tanya. I bet she’s phoning this one in. I tried to look up online to see what exotic locale the show is in this time but no such luck. They’ve been to South Africa, Australia, and all over the Caribbean but every set looks identical. They probably film all of them on a sound stage in Hollywood. If they really wanted to give these people a run for their money, they’d shoot in Dubai or Beirut.
  • Lost – I’ve decided to commit and watch the back half of season 3 on DVD just so I can catch up with this show. I have a feeling it’s going to be really big this time.
  • The L Word: This is a short clip with the cast and producers talking about season five. To say I am geeked out about the whole thing an understatement. Apparently some changes to this season include more group interaction, Bette and Tina possibly getting back together and more sex. I don’t know if I can handle pay-cable and all of this sex. Between Tell Me You Love Me, The Tudors and The L Word I am just getting worn out and they make me look pervy. I am not weird, I just like good TV.
  • Rob & Big: Say what you will about the guys but I wish I were friends with them. Their show is just as scripted as all of the MTV stuff but it’s a lot funnier.
  • Prison Break: I kind of forgot what’s happening but hopefully it will all come back to me. Something about Panama, guards, shanks, tunnels. Same old, same old.

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This Just In: The Real World Stinks

I am over The Real World. In my humble opinion the show started sucking after New Orleans. Call me old school.

My suspicions were only confirmed when I saw this video via Reality Blurred. The next season of RW takes place in Hollywood (Hills cameos anyone?) and the cast is employed by an improv company. The video is some of their performance. You can even see the MTV cameras capturing it.

From what I can make out:

  • These people are not funny
  • They should not be doing improv
  • Let alone in public

And supposedly someone else gets kicked off of this season too. RW alternates have been having a pretty good year.

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Last night I watched the real world. Eight years ago that would have made me cool. Now, it kind of makes me sad and pathetic. Here’s why I did it anyway:

• The “Gay Issue” never goes away
After 20 some odd seasons you’d think the cast mates would realize that “homophobia” is silly. Thank you Trisha for setting Christian people back sixty years. How can you watch the show, season after season, then apply to get on, make it, and still make the “gay issue” relevant in your conversation. Have we not watched the gay guy befriend the homophobe almost every season since 1992? Only to find out, that, oh god forbid, gay people are just like straight people!? Wow.

• Everyone, even the crazies, are self-conscious
Thanks Parissa, for belting in the shower, then getting worried that your roommates were talking shit about you. Now you care?

Do viewers understand this? I hope so.

• The cast mates have no shame
Even though they know the show will air after their experience, and even be repeated an insane number of times, the roomies still lie to each, still talk shit about each other, and still confess their hatred for each other! This perplexes me. Have you forgotten that you’re being filmed? I assume when you’re drunk that’s ok. But, hmm.

It’s a sad, sad world if the “real world” reflects the real world.

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