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Rami Kashou was attacked at a nightclub late last night.

Rumor has it that someone chucked a bottle at his head and he got pretty roughed up.

I’m curious to see if this is the work of a homophobic coward; an idiot who hates reality-TV; or Sweet P.

PS: Yes, the title of this post is a play on the fact that Kashou sounds like cashew and assaulted sounds like salt. Eat it.

Photo: http://hautelikefire.files.wordpress.com/

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1. Tim Gunn had this to say about this season’s crop of contestants, “They’re from different parts of the country and their personalities are so potent that I’m exhausted when I leave them.” Translation? These people are annoying as fuck.

2. Didn’t this show just go off? It seems like I just made a Christian Siriano joke yesterday.

3. Because Bravo is deeming it so. Sore losers? Heck yes.

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Set your Tivos folks: Michelle Obama, wife of presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama, is guest hosting The View on June 18.

She was originally offered to come on as a guest but she insisted on serving as a co-host just like Cindy McCain did in April.

No guests are scheduled just yet. Michelle is kind of a fashion plate so I’d like to see a fun designer or a successful model. Heidi Klum might be a good match. Since Project Runway returns to the airwaves in a few weeks, her appearance would be pretty timely.

It might also be fun to do a teaching segment. Let’s see her cook something, make a craft with her kids, or salsa dance. She seems like a carefree lady and that might be a good piece that shows she can still cut loose….in case that dap she gave her husband last night didn’t convince everybody.

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I’m a little behind on this one. Did anyone else catch Project Runway winner, Christian Siriano, on Ugly Betty¬†last week?

He did a wonderful job. He was playing an over-the-top version of himself, but still, not everyone can pull that off (are you listening Kirstie Alley?).
Heres the clip in case you missed it. 

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Breaking News: Project Runway "Aufs" Bravo

The popular reality show is strutting over to Lifetime of all places!

You can read all the details right here.

Apparently The Weinstein Brothers, (Project Runway’s current production house), owe Bravo on more season of the show. Those meeting are going to be tense.

Bravo and NBC are trying to block the deal but it looks like the Weinstein deal actually has legs.

This is ridiculous news. More when I hear more.

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It looks like somebody at SNL got my memo. In case you were too busy having a social life Saturday, SNL did a fantastic job parodying Project Runway winner Christian Siriano.

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Who’s Going To Win Project Runway?

Now that Chris March is “auf” the runway, I have no one to root for in tonight’s Project Runway finale. But from the little I saw in last week’s pre-finale, I think I’m going to get behind Christian.

He’s got everything needed to be the next big thing:

  • Funny hair
  • Unique vision
  • A last name that looks good on a tag/sounds good on TV

Plus he’s been the most consistent from week to week. He’s annoying as all get out but the show isn’t about the designer I want to be friends with. In my humble opinion, Christian is the only contestant in Project Runway’s history that will actually end up being the next great fashion designer. (Whether he wins tonight or not

You heard it here first.

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