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Why is this night different from all other nights? Well here at edubTV, it’s not really. But for my many Chosen friends out there, it’s the first night of Passover. Have a good one buddies. I will try to keep my discussion of  leavened breads to a minimum.

Update time:

  • Yesterday I mentioned that I didn’t know Cherry Jones and Sarah Paulson were an item. I also learned that Liza Weil (Gilmore Girls) and Paul Adelstein (Private Practice) are married. Wha? I would like to join a celeb couple list-serve.
  • Thanks to a generous lead-in from Dancing With The Stars, the premiere of Bob Saget’s new comedy, Surviving Suburbia had an impressive 12 Million viewers on Monday night. Who knew?
  • Arlo Weiner, the 8-year-old son of Mad Men creator Matt Weiner, is my new style/life icon.
  • And finally for my non TV-related link of the week: Cute & Cuter. The only thing better than hot guys? Hot guys holding baby animals or actual babies.

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Oh jees. The day after Valentine’s Day edition.

  • Alec Baldwin: His storyline on 30 Rock was sharp yet adorable this week, he made fun of  Joaquin Phoenix on Conan (sidenote: Joaquin Phoenix is officially batshit nuts now but I sort of like the beard.)  and he made me chuckle during his millionith time hosting SNL last night. Three cheers for you Alec!
  • Blink 182: They’re reuniting! The teenager in me is singing! Actually she’s probably yelling at her parents and retreating to her room to journal and complain about how nobody understands. Either way: Bring on the tour!
  • Jon Hamm/Jennifer Westfeldt: They’re good looking, they’ve been dating forever and they’re having the best Sweeps of all time. Hamm is doing an arc on 30 Rock and Westfeldt is the pregnant woman with some brain issues the Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice crossover event. Both guest appearances are really well done so far, very organic like they’ve been there for years. It’s a shame the shows are competing for eyeballs.

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I’m not usually duped by sweeps stunts. You know, tornados, births, deaths and the like. But everyone knows the best part of spin-offs is the potential for crossovers. As a fan of Private Practice, I had to bite the bullet and watch tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy out of fear I would miss provacative details about the case.

***Spolier Alert***

I didn’t.

I was suckered into watching Grey’s, a show I haven’t paid attention to since the fall of 2007. Tonight, I was reminded why I quit the show cold turkey. Nothing ever changes. Meredith is still whiny, and over reacting and Izzy is still as annoying as ever. Even the new characters (at least new to me) were uninspiring. Who is Dixon and why is she shaking? Who is the blonde woman with the giant eyes and why is she kissing Callie? Bailey provided a little respite…until she pulled out that bedazzler. (Really? Even if she had one, why would she have it at the hospital?) I asked these questions to myself and quickly realized I didn’t really want the answers. I’m over it and just glad my suspicions about the decline of Grey’s Anatomy were confirmed.

But here’s the rub. Tonight’s Private Practice will probably bleed into next week’s Grey’s (damn you sweeps!). Do I give it another go next week, or just ignore the Derek side of the story?

Image: http://www.impawards.com/

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(Hey folks, glad you found this post. We’re having some moving problems. Thanks for staying with us during the switch.)

So it’s Saturday and I’m starting a new feature. That’s what new blogs are for folks.

This one’s been on my mind since a fateful episode of 30 Rock when the cast was playing everyone’s favorite game: Marry, Bop, or Kill. Bop of course being the delightful euphemism for that unsavory F-Word.

The idea fell into the recesses of my mind until Defamer began running a similar feature called Watch, Tivo, or Kill. I plan on doing them one better and sticking with the game’s original title.

Everyweek, I’ll provide the characters, episodes, shows, actors, or actresses, I want to Marry, Bop or Kill for the week. How do you make love to a television episode? I haven’t figured that out just yet. One step at a time.

Here’s this week’s results:

Marry: Seth Meyers of SNL

Meyers has been head writer for SNL since 2005 and now he’s finally getting the credit he so rightfully deserves. People are quick to champion his work on the political sketches this season, but the non-political stuff has been super under-rated. Mark Wahlberg talks to animals? The Boat Ride? There’s some solid work being lost in the shuffle.

Meyers is also taking home my first Marry title because I caught an old episode of SNL this week and he did a remarkable job as Anderson Cooper. Anyone who can pull off that faint, elitist accent gets a vote in my book.

Bop: This week’s episode of Greek, “The Popular Vote”

As I’ve mentioned previously, this show is very well-done and is one of the better teen/college comedies on television…ever. However, this week’s episode was surprising, witty, full of pop culture references and nothing if not slightly dramatic. I was watching it on my DVR and kept checking how much time was left because I seriously didn’t want it to end. If you’re not watching Greek get over yourself and give it a chance. The writing is getting sharper and sharper every week and I’ll be sad to see this cycle end on October 28.

Kill: Baseball & Political Debates

Two of my current favorites were pre-empted this week due to politcal debates and baseball playoffs. Are both important? I suppose so. Would I have rather watched Private Practice? Heck yes.

Photo: http://msnbcmedia.msn.com/

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I stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy because the drama just got too frivolous for my taste. I was reluctant to make the switch to Private Practice, but after a string of successful episodes the show is quickly rising to the top of my must-see list.

At the very least, last night’s season premiere earned Private Practice a season pass on my Tivo. The episode featured five relationships on the rocks and a medical practice about to crumble under some serious financial burdens.

But the show takes a non-traditional trajectory by tackling some dicey bio-ethical dilemmas. Is it okay for parents to conceive a child with the express purpose of using the blood from that child’s umbilical cord to save the life of one of their other children? Should a doctor go outside of the law and against a family’s wishes and tell a teenager who’s planning to have sex that he’s HIV positive?

Both of these issues were examined Wednesday night and they lead to some great debates today around the copier near my desk at work. Unlike it’s parent program, Private Practice continues to do a fantastic job of combining new romance, relationship drama, family squabbles, comedy but above all–medicine. That’s something the folks over at Grey’s leave out more often than not.

This episode’s central debates reminded me of one of my other favorites, Picket Fences. Both programs take traditional genres (police, medicine, and/or family dramas) and turn them on their ears a bit. It also intrigues me when shows can manage to be familiar and refreshing simultaneously.

Photo: Abc.com

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This May Confuse The Regulars

Addison Montgomery is heading back to Seattle Grace…but just on a vacay. Kate Walsh is on break from Private Practice which is returning to ABC in the fall. In the interim she’s doing a guest spot on Grey’s just to confuse the hell out of people.

I’m sure the conversation with my mother will go something like this:

Mom: Doesn’t this show come on Wednesday?
Me: This isn’t Private Practice.
Mom: But it has the redhead on it. The one who looks like a horse.
Me: No, it’s a guest spot.
Mom: So her show is canceled?
Me: She’s just visiting.
Mom: But is she playing the same character as before?
Me: Before what?
Mom: Oh forget it. This is why I can’t keep up with this mess.

And cue her falling asleep on the couch. Why does ABC insist on toying with the minds of our greatest generation?

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Hump Day Updates

  • There is just no excuse not to be watching Kid Nation. If these out of context quotations don’t do anything for you then I’m out of ideas. Read some other blog.
    • ” Pelvis has left the building.”
    • ” Those aren’t igloos dude those are teepees.”
  • TLC is taking Pageant Place to the next level. On Miss America: Reality Check, all 52 Ms. America contestants are going to live in one house to see if their ” smarts, attitudes and looks hold up in contemporary society.” The ladies will participate in challenges and events leading up to the finale event. Even with Michael Urie (Ugly Betty) hosting, I think it’s for the best this show is only four weeks long.
  • Over the past two nights I’ve discovered I want to eventually find a guy whose personality is the combination of Yukon Cornelius and Dell from Private Practice. Yukon is obvious. Who else will slay abominable snowmen who get in my way? Dell is a recent discovery though. Tonight, he finally confessed his love for Naomi and it was so adorable. Too bad he confessed it to her ex-husband.
    • ” You know how many women think like that, and look like that, and laugh like that and care? One. So far I’ve met one. And yeah, she’s out of my league in every possible way. But I don’t care. She dazzles me. And I’m not stupid enough to hope that one day I’ll meet someone like her when the time is right because I won’t. I love her. Okay? And I guarantee you-I wouldn’t make her cry.”

Cue the swooning.

  • An anti-whaling group named their boat Steve Irwin. Bindi Irwin had this to say before she was dragged to her next appearance.

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