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Is it just me or are movie posters getting supaflydope lately? I was browsing Animal New York tonight and one of their bloggers briefly profiled these sweet “minimalist” film posters.

When I saw those, I immediately thought of this. (WANT)

Recently, my co-blogging edub partner mentioned buying this masterpiece. Now, she’s on the right track (…yes baby, she was born that way). But I want more! I want TV shows to consistently produce high quality posters as the norm.

Poster art is serious business to this edubber. How serious? Theme-of-my-bat-mitzvah serious. That’s right. Movie posters adorned the walls of the colorfully decorated Belvedere Recreation Center in the fall of ’92 when I celebrated becoming a daughter of the commandments and my mom caught [Redacted] smoking pot in the boys’ bathroom. I digress.

It seems like, thanks to the interweb, film posters are emerging from designers all over with unique, swanky takes on their Silver Screen favs. So I ask, what about us boobtoobers? Where’s the creative force designing 2d-iconography for our favorite sitcoms or serials?

It’s revolution time people (too soon?). It’s time for every tv show to create a poster, just as every movie creates a poster. Separate is not equal. Honestly though, can someone please just print a black hole with the Henrickson family falling gracefully, surrounded by stamps of Nikki’s best one-liners? Is that so much to ask?

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