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I grew up in Wisconsin. (And according to my license, voter registration, and license plates I still live there.) Because I grew up in Madison, America’s favorite mid-western Liberal hub, I am about as blue as can be. As Kathy Griffin once said, “I’m for gun control during gay weddings.”

But I’m also a child of the ’90s, who watched way too much MTV, way too young. I was a huge fan of the Real World and Road Rules before they started doing those stupid challenges. In fact, my very favorite season of the Real World was Boston. Come on Montana? Genesis? That one guy from Boulder? They worked at a community center! It was epic. One of the by-products from that season was Sean Duffy, a competitive lumberback from Wisconsin. And in case you missed it, Sean Duffy just got elected to the House of Representatives. Yeah, beware America, there’s a Real World alum in congress.

This is where I’m torn. I love Wisconsin and old-school MTV. He married Rachel from Real World San Francisco for crying out loud! (Points for Duffy!) But I’m not crazy about his Republican politics (Boo Duffy!)

I do wish him well though. Politics aside, he seems like a good guy. Plus, the livelihood and continued success of my state and my country are now his primary responsibility. But at the first sign, the very first sign of idiocy, I’m out. “Wisconsin Liberal” me ┬átrumps “Mid-90s Reality Show Fan Girl” me.

PS: I see why he won, his commercials were awesome.



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Former Fox News Correspondent and White House Press Secretary Tony Snow passed away today after a second battle with colon cancer.

Snow worked for the elder President Bush as a speech writer and in other roles in the media affairs department.

He hosted his own show on Fox in the early ’90s before joining Fox News in 1996. He anchored Fox News Sunday and hosted The Tony Snow Show, a syndicated program on Fox news radio.

He faced his first bout with colon cancer in February 2005 but it went into remission after six months of treatment.

Snow replaced former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan in the spring of 2006. He combined his skills as a journalist and politico and seemed to excel at the position.
When the cancer returned in spring 2007, Snow stayed positive. He continued to work until September when he left the White House to find a new position.

Tony Snow is survived by his wife and three children. He was 53-years-old.

Photo: ChicagoTribune.com

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