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Twosomes For Two Hundred

It’s the 200th post! Like the 100th, I’ve decided to ring it in with another unnecessary list. This time around, it’s my top 3 1980s television twosomes.

  • Larry Appleton & Balki Bartokomous of Perfect Strangers
    • What can be said that hasn’t already been written about by the top media scholars…I guess a lot. Why do I love them? Nothing says 1980s comedy like funny accents, hijinks, and cousins from far, far away. Plus Larry was from Wisconsin.
  • Murphy Brown & Eldin Bernecky of Murphy Brown
    • He never finished painting her house, he had shaggy hair, and eventually he took care of that little bastard baby of hers (too soon?). She confided in him, spit him some of the show’s best one liners and we are all better for it.

And the winner of the first annual edubTV top 1980s TV Twosome is…

  • Punky Brewster & Henry Warnimont of Punky Brewster
    • Henry was super old when he found Punky. I always wondered why he didn’t have a harder time securing that adoption. They kind of cleared it all up in the pilot episode. I think that custody battle would’ve raged on for years. The show may not have been as lighthearted, but much more true to life. I guess we can’t all be The Wire.

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