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It’s Wednesday. Paula Abdul is performing on the Idol Stage. Hilarious. Pyrotecnics were involved.

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The “Seriously Adam Lambert? Really?” Edition

  • Speaking of which, Scandalist put together 5 covers of “Ring of Fire” better than his last night.
  • In other Idol chatter, check out some of Paula Abdul’s “poetry.” I thought she’d gone of the deep end this year but it turns out she’s always been this way.
  • Seth Rogen may host SNL in April. Sweet! BTW did you catch SNL on Saturday? Tracy Morgan did a great job and we saw the triumphant return of Astronaut Jones. No new clip, I’m making do with the old ones.
  • Guess who signed on to do a cameo on The Cleveland Show? Sir Kanye!
  • And finally, my favorite non-TV related link of the week: Scanwiches I’ve yet to meet a food Tumblr I didn’t like.

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Tonight, we come together as a nation to welcome back American Idol. Excited doesn’t begin to describe it. I am geeked as usual to see who will rise to the top and which fans I will piss off the fastest. (It’s been a rocking year Archuleta people!)

I will be playing American Idol bingo once again. I wanted to update the card to factor in the new judge, Kara Dioguardi, but the computer is in the hospital, and with it, my precious blogging documents. For now, we’ll stick with the old card and if you’re tech and/or cut and paste savvy feel free to add a few new squares. Here are some suggestions:

-A tie among the four judges

-Infighting between Paula and Kara

-A contestant calls home after getting a Golden Ticket

Also, I like to yell “Seacrest Out!” when I get a bingo. It really spices up the night.

Any other ideas? Let’s dish about it tomorrow in the Hump Day Update

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Pizza high edition.

  • Fran Drescher wants to be a serious contender for the vacant junior Senator seat in New York. Seriously? No really, seriously? This just in: If you have to tell people you’re not joking, your odds of being selected aren’t too good.
  • Want a great way to kick off 2009? How about Hollywood shutting down…again. If SAG can’t come to a deal and 75% of their 120,000 members vote to strike, we’ll lose another great year of TV. Hope for the best but expect the worst.
  • And straight our of my “People’s Kinks Will Never Surprise Me” file: Simpson’s porn. Don’t worry, the link is just a link to an article, not the hardcore stuff in question.
  • Paula Abdul hasn’t slept at her house since a fan shot and killed herself in front of her home. Abdul is trying to sell the home but given the economy and the fact someone died near the front drive, it may be a tough sell.
  • Loved the new SNL digital short. It’s one of the catchiest songs since Umbrella. Downside: It made for a very awkward Daddy/Daughter SNL time.
  • And finally, my favorite non-TV related site of the week: Bus Sign Generator! It’s the simple pleasures.

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In case edubTV is your only source of TV news, (my apologies BTW), you may not have heard that there’s a new full-time American Idol judge joining Paula, Randy and Simon. Her name is Kara Dioguardi and she’s a songwriter by trade and also Senior Vice-President of A&R at Warner Brothers.

According to my favorite speedy research tool Wikipedia, her songs have been recorded by some heavy hitters (Santana, Faith Hill, and Celine Dion) and some not-so-heavy-hitters (Ashlee Simpson! Ouch!)

A lot of thoughts came to mind when I heard the news about the 4th judge. Instead of trying to articulate tonight, I thought I would just give myself 60 seconds to jot down some notes. Piece them together as you wish. And your time starts….now:

  • Paula = Pill Popper/ Kara = Not Pill Popper
  • How will they sit?
  • Will I still be a Randy? Or will I be a Kara?
  • Has she been on auditions?
  • Is there room for a 4th person behind the table?
  • Do you have to get three votes to move on now?
  • If Seacrest has to ask one more person what they thought, won’t that make the show even longer?
  • She looks like Katherine McPhee
  • I miss Dunkleman.

And stop. I wish I could’ve ended on a thought better than Brian Dunkleman.

Photo: LA Times

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