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It’s Wednesday. How are you celebrating?

  • The Real World is shooting in Brooklyn for its 21st season. In case you’re counting, this is the 3rd time they’ll be in New York. I wrote a post about this for my other blog but let me just say this: Really? Three times in NYC? There’s no other place in the worth checking out? In this entire country? Really?
  • My favorite chef got voted off Top Chef tonight. I miss his wily antics already.
  • In other chef show news, Hell’s Kitchen saw its highest ratings ever last night thanks to a lead-in from the Idol final 3. They did a blind taste test last night to test out their palattes. This is a similar to a recent quickfire on Top Chef. The only difference? When the highly trained, near-expert chefs on Bravo were distinguishing between expensive and cheap olive oil, the cooks on Hells Kitchen were just trying to recognize chicken. Not free-range, nothing special. Here’s a forkful of something, what is it? Chicken. The best part? The woman got it wrong. Thank heavens the show is entertaining because these people can’t cook.

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