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Emily Nussbaum‘s latest NY Mag piece definitively declares the upcoming Fall TV slate to be the season of “The She-Runner”. A new ruling class of female Show runners, writers and actresses, spreading the big, bad female agenda on TV’s nation-wide. Rawr.

this seems appropriate here

Nussbaum writes that all of the Major Networks’ new comedy pilots are, mostly, helmed by females and star a fresh sort of female lead. They each, in one way or another, present a more “hard-edged” woman. Gone are the days of the dough-eyed dork (although the sole exception, and Nussbaum acknowledges it, is New Girls and happens to star just that in its’ lead Zooey Deschanel). What’s “exciting” is how this crop breaks free from former wimpy female leads of the past and instead depicts a grittier breed. Here we have the modern woman. More willing to declare her opinion. Move over Betty Draper, it’s Peggy-on-steroids time.

And my reaction? Meh.

It’s definitely refreshing to have more women on the screen and to have them in starring roles. But, have you watched the trailers for these shows? I mean, really? Uh-Oh. Yikes!

But, I’ll probably give them all a chance. I’m a fan of a lot of these female writers. Especially, New Girl scribe, Liz Meriwether. I also highly recommend Molly Mclear’s blog (she’s joined the writing room for 2 Broke Girls). I’m just really hoping these trailers are the worst of what’s to come and that we can expect more than these one-note, “unconventional” female leads.

Lena Dunham

However, I will say, I’m thrilled to hear Nussbaum enjoyed Girls. Lena Dunham‘s HBO series is something I’ve been looking forward to, anxiously, since renting Tiny Furniture months ago. But calling it the “Great Lady Hope of HBO” might be a tad pre-mature.

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You know those Groupons for canvas wrapped photo prints? They always seem like a great idea but since I don’t take enough photos or want giant pictures of my friends in my apartment, I never take advantage of them. But then, I saw this:

After years of more Twilight covers than I care to mention, Entertainment Weekly finally got something right.

Someone get the Canvas On Demand people on the phone. I need a 16″ X 20″ of this stat. It will look amazing next to my Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness poster.

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The New NBCUniversal Logo…

is not a logo at all. It’s a shitty font. This isn’t a 4th grade report on tigers, it’s a huge company right? Right? You there NBCUniversal?



There are thousands, literally thousands of out of work graphic designers out of work. I bet they’re fuckin’ furious right now. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have NBC. You want to be at the top of your game again right? This isn’t the way you go about it.

And in case you’re wondering what they were “improving” upon, here’s the old logo.

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I’m happy for Conan. He had the chance of a lifetime, and his own network screwed him over. Fresh off a nationwide tour, and a quick stop at folk hero status, he got a great deal at a new network and things will finally be, “back to normal.”

I will watch his premiere tonight, but that’s probably it. Here’s why:

Call me crazy, but I never thought he was very funny on the Late Night, or the Tonight Show. He talks over the guests, and his schtick just doesn’t work for  me I suppose. But I wish him all the best. And finally, his fans can stop their whining. They took this really personally. Hopefully they stop their talk and follow him to TBS.

Image: TeamCoco.com

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I found myself enjoying Blue Bloods. Since I’m under the age of 60, this shocked and saddened me. Then, I figured out its obvious appeal.

Brothers & Sisters – All That Wine – A Small Business Going Under – Dead Father With Secrets  + Law & Order  – This Sound – Lawyers Making Long Boring Speeches +  A Grandpa + A Dead Brother With Secrets + Tom Selleck =

Blue Bloods.

They took out the shitty parts of both shows and smashed the good stuff together. Bravo CBS! I don’t know why none of the other networks figured this out. People love adult siblings and cop shows. Shove them together, throw in a few Sunday dinners and you have a winner.

I really hope another network follows CBS’ lead and does a mash-up of Glee and Grey’s Anatomy. What this country lacks is auto-tuned physicians.

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Its been too long lovelies! Last week was crazy busy with lots happening at work and my brother coming to town. Both of which kept me from my first love, waxing poetic about TV.

So we’ll have to play a little bit of catch-up. Hold on tight.

  • The season finale of Mad Men was nothing short of amazing. It was one of the truly “happier” episodes. Don Draper is not a person you can normally describe using words like joyous or optimistic. He was in this episode, even when he had to let down his psychologist lady lover. My next question: How far ahead will we jump for season 5? Will Don’s new relationship make it? I can’t handle another messy Draper divorce.
  • CBS ordered full seasons of all of its rookie shows. That’s quite a feat, especially for this lackluster freshman class. However, CBS has “won the week” five weeks straight, so their new shows must be doing something right. The last time any network accomplished this feat? NBC in 1997.
  • Kanye’s new short film/music video/salute to himself is gorgeous. Say what you want about Kanye, but the cinematography and art direction in this piece are worth the 34 minutes. Kanye’s acting, not so much.
  • I really miss Gilmore Girls. There, I said it. It was a feel good show with snappy writing and not one, not two,  but three count ’em three, multi-faceted female characters. (If you want to count Sookie and Paris, you’d get 5, but we’re splitting hairs here.) Anyway, watching this mini-reunion made me nostalgic for the good old days in Stars Hollow.
  • And finally, Doug Funnie teaches us all how to dougie. He’s good, but he’s no Bucky.


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I’ve been following the latest campaign born on Twitter, and raised on Facebook. Most of these don’t go very far. A “vote for this…” here, a “boycott this,” there. But this is a stand I can get behind.

The latest push? James Roday and Dule Hill to host Saturday Night Live.

The names aren’t familiar? Hill and Roday are the stars of USA’s Psych, a show about a fake-psychic-detective and his best friend. The two help the Santa Barbara police department solve homicide cases. It’s a non-lame version of The Mentalist (and in case you were wondering, Psych came first).  It’s one of the few shows on TV that’s truly fun to watch. It’s full of ’80s references, weekly cases that keep you guessing, and a wacky cast of supporting characters.

Hill and Roday are a dynamic comedy duo who boast rapid-fire timing and amazing chemistry. They’d be a refreshing twist on typical SNL hosts, not only because they’re a pair, but because to a good chunk of America, they’re still not quite household names. How does this work in our favor? I’d be wiling to be they’d take a few more risks than the average SNL host might. And did I mention they sing and dance?!

The campaign started this week and the Facebook fan page swelled to 12,000+ members seemingly overnight. It probably won’t reach Betty White proportions but it could definitely wake up a few bigwigs at Studio 8H. And since the USA network  is in the same TV family as NBC, this may not be an impossibility.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Follow the Psych Writers on Twitter

(And hey, follow me on Twitter too!)

Image: xseany.com

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I caught the two-hour premiere of NBC’s latest offering, Kings on Hulu two nights ago. Now that I’ve had time to digest and gather my thoughts, I have a few things to say.

My initial impression is that the show is pretty interesting, with buckets of opportunity. There’s sexy people, intrigue, murder, war, corruption, politics, small-town life, city life, revenge, extra-marital affairs, a gay prince and a badass Black reverend. See? Story lines out the yin-yang. But I’m worried. Despite a pretty interesting concept, this show still has the potential to go south pretty quick. Here are my tips for preventing this. You listening NBC?

1. Don’t Come To Close To Home
We get it, we get it, the fictional kingdom of Gilboa could very well be America. Corporations and religious leaders are at the right hand of the leader, the government controls what the media reports, and there are so many secrets it’s enough to make you sick. While it’s intriguing, the folks behind Kings need to make the distinction between “Gilboa” and a little place I like to call, “Scary-Executive-Branch-America.” Unless of course Gilboa is in America, a theory I’m currently working on. Basically the fictional country should be the TV equivalent of Genovia.

2. But Don’t Get Too Wacky Either

While I don’t want Kings to scream “America,” I also don’t want it to get too outrageous. No aliens, no supernatural, etc. We were getting a little borderline in the pilot with those ridiculous tanks, but hopefully that’s the extent of it. I don’t want to learn a new language, I don’t want excessive backstory or easter eggs to keep up with. I just want a new,  well written, suspenseful drama about this mysterious new royal family. Case closed.

3. Change the time-slot
I’m sorry NBC but my Sundays are loaded down already. Currently I watch/record Amazing Race, Desperate Housewives, Big Love, United States of Tara, Breaking Bad, Eastbound & Down, Flight of the Conchords, Brothers & Sisters, The Simpsons and occasionally Extreme Makeover Home Edition. It already takes me three days to get through Sunday TV. Kings will never find it’s way into my DVR line-up. Your best bet? Move to Mondays. No Sunday night log-jam and very little competition.

If this show is in the right hands, it could do wonders for NBC (think Heroes before it went downhill). But with poor ratings in the first week (stupid log-jam) and no re-run by NBC (they re-ran the Celebrity Apprentice premiere for crying out loud!) let’s hope word of mouth will help it get some new folks to the table. Or for the web-savvy you can download the premiere for free on iTunes or watch it on Hulu.

Image: nbc.com/kings

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Two interesting news stories today involving Mad Men and NBC.

  • Did you know Jon Hamm auditioned for the role of Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock. With the hair and chiseled face I can almost picture it. He wouldn’t have been as spot on as Alec Baldwin though. We’ll still get to see Hamm and Tina Fey together when he joins the cast for a mulitple episode arc. Best worlds ever…COLLIDING!

Image: Vulture

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So Happy, So Sad

Busy week this week which means I haven’t even had a chance to watch TV today. I know, awful right? I thought I’d bring back my favorite quick blog featureette: So Happy, So Sad

So Happy: Great Dexter Ep

Dexter finally offed Miguel. We all saw it coming but it wasn’t any less rewarding. And how about Dexter revealing that he killed Miguel’s brother. Talk about knife turn! The best part? We still have one episode left to see the immediate effects…at Dexter and Rita’s wedding no less.

So Sad: Jay Leno is taking over the nine o’clock slot on NBC next fall

Will this save NBC money? Yes. Will it keep one of their hottest properties in the peacock family? Sure Will people finally find out how unfunny Jay Leno is once they can stay awake for his entire show? Undoubtedly.

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The first major TV casualties of the fall 2008 season are over at the peacock. Say so long to My Own Worst Enemy and Lipstick Jungle.

I saw about ten minutes of My Own Worst Enemy and it was really confusing so that’s not too much of a shocker but I thought Lipstick Jungle was doing a bit better. You know what probably did them in? That Project Runway tie-in. That dress just wasn’t primetime material.  Darn you Keith!

Either way, this leaves room for some new blood.

Sidenote: With the cancellation, maybe Kim Raver will have the time to come back to 24. (Jack needs you Audrey!)

Photo: http://safiyabeauty.wordpress.com/

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1. Another sparkling performance by Tina Fey playing everyone’s favorite Lady Governor on SNL Thursday tonight.

2. The fact that you can watch the premiere in its entirety right now on Hulu and NBC.com. Awesome? Yes. Does it steal a little thunder from the premiere? Double yes.

I plan on holding out. I’ve waited this long to see the premiere and I wait one more week to see it live..or at least time-shifted on my TV. Hey, turns out there is a reason to keep the darn thing.

For now, I’ll tide myself over with old clips. Ahh the memories.

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