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After a very busy work week I was finally able to screen the intense, four hour premiere of season 7 of Fox’s 24. Now, I’ve been a fan of the show for about half of a decade and have seen every episode, often watching 24 episodes in one short weekend. An obsession? No, just good TV.


Anyway, this season started off pretty strong, with a great twist in hour 3. But this is not a post about the series as is. Instead, I want to focus on something that stood out to me in this premiere more than in any other season: the music. The soundtrack for 24 is always intense, always heavy and loud and jolting. However, I found this premiere’s soundtrack to not only fill the usual role, but also to add a new element with fresh sounds that sync very well with the plot and action. Not only was the sound great throughout the action sequences, but it was particularly good during the build up prior to action scenes.

So keep your ears open for the next show and let me know if you find your reaction as positive as mine!

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MTV launched a new web portal MTV Music this week. The site houses over 25,000 music videos for you to watch whenever you want.
However, even with that many clips, I took a shot and typed in some of the videos I wanted to see…and they weren’t available. Not too surprising. I guess my taste for obscure mid-’90s pop videos will not be satisfied.

Even so, I suppose we have to stop bitching now and deal with the fact that if you want to see/hear music, MTV as we know it is no longer the place to do it.

Image: mtvmusic.com

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It’s Friday and boy am I ready for the weekend. Nothing kicks off two days of bliss better than a hot new dance groove inspired by Jerell, my new favorite Project Runway personality. He gave Kenley the what-for by saying he wanted Korto and Leanna with him “…at da teyents.” It was a funny little accent, trust me you had to see it…and you can...right here.

So the folks at BestWeekEver.tv took the time take that sweet little phrase and turn it into the new autumn jam. There’s even a dance. I’m tickled pink.

Photo: BravoTV.com

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Tonight I watched Nashville Star for the first time. There were some fun acts and some innovative arrangements. I think the talent is altogether better on Idol but it was a fun couple of hours nonetheless.

But there was one act definitely worth watching tonight. His name is Coffey (That’s Cough-Ay) and he selected last summer’s smash hit Umbrella as his song for the night..and boy did he mangle it.

Let’s enjoy the beauty in the breakdown:

PS: Did anyone else think Coffey’s daughter looks like Jurnee Smollet (aka Denise from Full House)?

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As of tomorrow, David Cook will own 11 spots on the Billboard Hot 100. He is the first artist ever (at least in the Nielsen Soundscan era) to debut 11 songs in the same week.


  • Archuleta doesn’t have 11 songs on the Top 100.
  • After a rocky season, American Idol proves it can still pack a punch.
  • Cook seems like a nice guy, he’s a fun performer.


  • We’ve got 100 spots to take the current pulse of popular music. David Cook owns 11 of them.

Even Idol fans might admit that’s overkill…actually they probably wouldn’t.

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While searching for the lyrics to that catchy song from the Kia commercial, I stumbled on a great blog I thought I’d share.

It’s called Tunes on TV and it answers those burning music questions you get while watching your favorite shows and ads. Who sings that song? What are those lyrics? Where can I find it?

The blogger provides lyrics, links to iTunes and sometimes YouTube clips of the commercials just so you can be sure. It’s a great blog and I’m definitely adding it to my Google Reader.

Just an FYI.

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