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I’m in DC for the Inauguration! Here are the awesome TV related sightings I’ve had so far:

  • Staying at a friend’s house. His roomate saw Kevin Nealon at Lucky Bar. No details on Weeds.
  • Lots of camera crews around. Walked past the MSNBC mobile studio. Waved excessively.
  • Went to the  *finally finished* American History Museum after a 10-year wait. (Long story) Saw Kermit the Frog, the Puffy Shirt, Steven Colbert’s portrait, an exhibit about television and the Vietnam war,  and a striking Abe Lincoln impersonator
  • Remember Spike from last season of Top Chef? He runs a super burger joint right by Capitol Hill. Had a delicious burger there and saw Spike cooking up burgers on the line.

Back at home for Inauguration? You can watch all the action on HBO, online at Hulu or just pick your favorite news source.

I may not be back in the blogging swing of things until next week but I’ll try to keep updating the Twitter.

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In between grilling copious amounts of brats and burgers, remembering our troops and taking naps outside, please note that Memorial Day also offers a great opportunity for TV watching.

Like the days leading up to Christmas, Memorial Day is rife with TV marathons. If you have an addictive personality, just need to catch up on some old favorites, or if you just have nothing else to do and hate the sun, today is just for you. Here’s what’s coming on:

  • TNT is showing 13 episodes of the original Law & Order today. With so many episodes at their disposal it would have made sense to have a theme for the episodes like “creepiest criminals,” “make-ups and break-ups,” etc. That was kind of a missed opportunity.
  • Jon & Kate Plus 8 takes over TLC today.
  • Oxygen is running back-t0-back episodes of Bad Girls Club this morning followed by Deion & Pillar: Prime Time Love this afternoon. I tell you this just so you can avoid that station at all costs today.
  • Animal Planet is running their popular advice show It’s Me Or The Dog. I always thought this show was truly an ultimatum and a boyfriend or girlfriend would have to decide between the dog and the partner. It’s really just Dog Whisperer with a second-hand Cesar Milan. My show would’ve been a lot more interesting.
  • In an odd choice, FX decided to run back-to-back episodes of That 70’s Show. Even if their original shows (Nip/Tuck, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia) are too raunchy for daytime, they could’ve at least picked a good comedy, or maybe just some old movies.
  • MSNBC is running one of my favorite series’ Lock Up. Sidenote, my roommate and I were watching the show last night and at Kentucky State Pen, prisoners with good behavior can get moved to the minimum security house. The house has cable, a stocked fridge, a vegetable garden and it’s on the lake. Basically, it’s better than our apartment.
  • For those of you who like to kick it old school, BET is airing Diff’rent Strokes all day.
  • And in an odd twist, MTV is running back-to-back eps of American Gladiators. I’m not quite sure how or why.

So have a safe and happy Memorial Day. Don’t drink and drive, wear sunscreen, and avoid the Oxygen at all costs.

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Everything’s Coming Up Rosie!

Rosie O’Donnell may be coming back to TV. Apparently she’s in talks to host a nightly talk show on MSNBC. It will be less Ellen and more Real Time With Bill Maher.

I am a Rosie fan and have been for quite some time. True story: My first foray into journalism was in sixth grade when I wrote her a fan letter once and offered to be her snack cake reporter.

The View was top-notch when she was on. There was finally spirited debate, interesting topics and thought provoking discussions. If she gets the right forum, Rosie’s new show could be the hottest thing on MSNBC…except for Lock Up.

But will people watch it? If the rumors are true, she’ll be up against Larry King and Hannity & Colmes. While those shows have strong followings, the target audience is male, leans right and probably enjoys eating strained peaches. Rosie’s demo is most likely watching primetime television. While I would be willing to tune in occasionally (Tuesdays and Fridays) I’m kind of booked solid the rest of the week.

I hope she comes back though. The media landscape is a little dry without her.

***Update 11/08/2007*** My dreams have been dashed. Rosie’s not getting a show.
***Update 2/27/2008*** Or is she?

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Since I started grad school I have had a weird obsession with prison documentaries. I don’t know if the two are related or not. Maybe I empathize with people who are locked in to the system, and can’t go home anytime they choose. Or perhaps I’m just super lame now and I have spent more Saturday nights at home, primetime for jail shows.

I started with MSNBC’s Lock Up. This series profiles life inside America’s most dangerous prisons. Each episode takes us across the country to a new correctional facility where we learn about the gangs, the worst offenders, the food, the homemade shanks and what happens once people leave. Now, MSNBC is doing extra episodes at San Quentin. The series, Lockup San Quentin: Extended Stay, discusses everything you always wanted to know about this place. There is even a whole hour dedicated to the conjugal visit, and trust me, those things are a lot different than you’d think.

Last night, I watched a similar series on the Discovery-Times channel called Locked Up. (I guess prison documentaries are running short on names.) This series profiled inmates at the Dixon Correctional Institute in Louisiana. From what I can tell, this program only has three episodes titled, “Settling In,” “Doin’ Time,: and “Getting Out.” Each one provided insight into life in Dixon. It was surprisingly more interesting than expected because in Louisiana, every prisoner is required to do hard labor. The show followed new arrivals on their first trip to chicken processing plant. Yikes. One guy almost threw up from the smell. In a different episode, workers who earned trustee status were highlighted. Their jobs included training and grooming horses on a ranch and working as a custodian at the state office buildings.

These documentaries not only showcase an intricate system that most people know little about, but it also humanizes a population that is too quickly forgotten and/or brushed off.

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