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So unlike ediddy, I’m actually really sad My Generation got cancelled. It wasn’t the best show on television, but I applaud them for having youngish characters who actually lead young-ish lives and live in apartments/houses that look appropriate for someone 28. They made great use of that  format too. Anyway, I’ve had the weekend to get over it, and I also had the weekend to watch the pilot of No Ordinary Family.

No Ordinary Family is basically a live-action version of The Incredibles. The Powell family goes on a trip to Brazil. While on a sightseeing tour of the Amazon, their small plane crashes, and the mystical powers of the water they land in give them all superpowers. (Dad: Catches bullets, jumps really high, strong; Mom: Runs fast; Daughter: Telepathy; Son: Super Genius)

This show could have rested on its laurels and stayed pretty one dimensional. A family with super powers?! That should be enough right? Instead they layered in a little family drama to take it from being kind of a pedestrian show to being a bit more meaty.

Dad, Jim Powell (played by an adorably doughy Michael Chiklis) feels like his family is living in different worlds, under the same roof. His research scientist wife, (Julie Benz, from Dexter ) is a super important research-scientist who usually finds herself out of the house, doing science-y things. His teenage kids are dealing with problems on their own, from pressures to have sex to learning disabilities. He thought the trip to Brazil would bring them closer, and while the plane crash sort of did it, the super powers will probably seal the deal.

The good thing about the pilot episode is that it got a lot done. We met the family, found out they had problems, saw them go to Brazil, get in a plane crash, come home, figure out they all had powers, Jim Powell (who works as a police sketch artist) tried to use his powers to stop crimes, Mama Powell found out and made him promise not to do it again, at first the daughter didn’t want her power, the son didn’t think he had one, then he figured it out, then the whole family played football together, which is all Papa Powell really wanted in the first place. And scene. Whew, just writing it makes me tired. That’s a lot of action for an hour. Now that all that basic stuff is out of the way, it opens up the show to dive in to a lot of stuff. The pilot episode eluded to the fact that there may be more superheroes out there. Ooooh intrigue.

Oh and did I mention Papa Powell has a sassy Black friend, just like Mr. Incredible? Romany Malco (Conrad from Weeds) plays a twice divorced attorney who builds Papa Powell a secret crimefighting lair (Sorry Mama Powell).  I think Malco has awesome comedy chops, so hopefully he’ll be put to use on this show.

This review is kind of all over the place. I recognize that. Thanks for bearing with me. Bottom line: This show is worth the watch! If you missed the pilot, watch it online. It’s a little something different than the traditional cop, hospital, lawyer, family drama. And that breath of fresh air is what TV lineups everywhere could use.

No Ordinary Family: Tuesdays, 8/7c, (ABC)

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