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Hip-hip hooray, time to get going. My online jeopardy audition is in 40 minutes.

  • Speaking of long-running game shows, Pat Sajak is kind of repulsed by the gay couple in this clip of Wheel of Fortune.  I am now repulsed by Pat Sajak.
  • Nancy Cartwright, the voice-talent behind Bart Simpson, has been using her Bart voice to promote Scientology events. That’s probably not going to go over so well.
  • Connie Britton is one of my new favorite actresses. Dalton Ross talks to her about the new season of Friday Night Lights.
  • I am seriously on the edge of my seat for Jon Hamm on 30 Rock. This clip is tiding me over.
  • This interview with Lauren Graham made me miss Gilmore Girls a little but I’m excited for her new show on ABC.
  • The format of My Life On The D-List is changing. The next season is going to be more like a talk-show. Not sure how I feel about this just yet.
  • My favorite non-TV related link of the week: Giant Inauguration Picture! Zoom in and out, it’s awesome. I think Clarence Thomas is sleeping.

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When I heard the latest episode of Intervention highlighted a young woman abusing computer duster I laughed out loud. I know inhalants are serious business, (in fact, I’m still a little shaken by that video we watched in 8th grade where the kid died in the bathroom at the movie theater after trying them once).

But computer duster? Come on. How bad could she be? Oh it’s bad people. Really bad. Borderline tragic. The slurred speech, the missed opportunities, the shifting eyes. This woman is inhaling so much computer cleaner her lungs may very well explode.

Forget Home Makeover, this is probably the show that will trump Kathy Griffin at the Emmy’s this year. They do an amazing job. You can check out the rest of the episode on YouTube as well.

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