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So it turns out the teenage mothers on MTV’s Teen Mom are pulling in about $60-$65K a year. That’s not bad for ladies who don’t have college degrees (or for half the ladies, high school diplomas). But now that I know this, allow me to ask/posit answers to the questions we’re all wondering about.

Why are they still struggling so much? Farrah can’t keep an apartment and Amber’s place always looks a little rundown. Maci moved out, but she’s kind of the exception to the rule on that show. Perhaps they’re putting a lot of the money away in a trust for the kids? ¬†Or maybe MTV pays them after the filming. I’d love to know the real story behind that. And does Teen Dad Tyler get paid? He should, he’s on just as much as Caitlin.

….and scene.

And if you think $60-$65,000 sounds like a lot, consider this: Those Jersey Shore kids are getting $30,000 an episode. #vomit

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