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Marry: Bobby Moynihan

Bobby is one of the new fellas on SNL this season. Though he may get lost in the testosterone shuffle over at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, he really stood out on last night’s ep. His Snagglepuss impression was spot on (Heavens to Mergatroid!) but he finally earned his wings after last night’s dancer sketch with Justin Timberlake and Beyonce.

Bop: Jeff Probst

After the Probster won the first ever Reality TV hosting Emmy this fall, I vowed to give Survivor another shot. Not only has this season kept me entertained but Jeff Probst has yet to disappoint. His best work is actually offscreen. He blogs about every episode for Entertainment Weekly and his entries provide key insight in to the game, and his psyche. Turns out Jeff Probst is a pretty funny dude. One of those guys I wish I were friends with.

Kill: The Euro Duo on Top Chef

Did you catch the season premiere of Top Chef on Wednesday? It had some nice twists right off the bat! Getting rid of someone before they even make it to the Top Chef Kitchens?? Ballsy. But my two least favorite chefs are the Euro Duo. We get it, you’re exotic, you’re supposedly amazing, blah, blah, blah. It all getting to be too much. I’m already sick of Stefan’s attitude and that elimination win won’t help matters too much. You know you’re ego’s bad when you’re too big for American reality TV.

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TVCrunch poured through the annals of game show history to develop a list of the Top 25 Worst Game Shows of All Time. There’s only one problem; some of the best, most innovative and fun game shows snuck on to their list!

Here’s the entire list:
25. Classic Concentration
24. Card Sharks
23. The Weakest Link
22. 1 vs. 100
21. Legends of the Hidden Temple
20. Sale of the Century
19. Distraction (comedy central)
18. The Singing Bee
17. Shop ‘til You Drop 16. Supermarket Sweep
15. Win, Lose or Draw
14. Dog Eat Dog
13. Identity
12. Rock & Roll Jeopardy!
11. Amnesia
10. Scrabble
9. My Dad is Better Than Your Dad
8. Set For Life
7. Hole in the Wall
6. Bowling for Dollars
5. Temptation
4. The Moment of Truth
3. The Chair
2. Yahtzee
1. Hurl!

I went ahead and highlighted some of my favorites for your consideration. For instance, Legends of the Hidden Temple was groundbreaking. It combined history (sort of) with running, extreme stunts, creepy guards and best of all, children. You’re telling me that’s wrong?

And what about Rock ‘N Roll Jeopardy? You get all the fun of regular Jeopardy except there are no dud categories. Plus Jeff Probst was a rockin’ host (pun intended).

The list is proposterous. Get a clue TVCrunch, get a clue.

Photo: TV.Popcrunch.com

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