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I’ve been a longtime fan of Bravo’s, Inside the Actor’s Studio with James Lipton. I even adore Will Ferrel’s flawless SNL impression of Lipton. The show dives, intrusively, into the minds’ and life stories’ of some of the world’s finest actors and actresses. Lipton, a knowledgable and somewhat bizarre host, manages to extract seemingly every detail from his guests lives and crafts.

Daniel Radcliffe

HP's all grown UP!

Just last night I was surfing past episodes on youtube and I came across the episode with Daniel Radcliffe, the young British star of Harry Potter. At first I was very skeptical, I thought, “Okay, he’s HP and that’s pretty big. He was brilliant on Extras. But what else? December Boys was possibly the most boring experience of my life and I know that horse play is suuuper creepy.” But it was watch the show or crack open my Africa Studies Course Reader. The choice was obvious.

My skepticism dissolved approximately 15 seconds after Radcliffe opened his charming mouth. Humble, witty, sociable, and decently smart (note his question on “Napolean”), the young actor is an ideal guest for the show. He has an interesting beginning, which is often the case with the finer guests, and more importantly he knows how to please the viewers. I was captivated by his stories, by how he managed to create a craft from the beginning through today, and obviously by his accent. I expect great performances in the future!

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