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I stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy because the drama just got too frivolous for my taste. I was reluctant to make the switch to Private Practice, but after a string of successful episodes the show is quickly rising to the top of my must-see list.

At the very least, last night’s season premiere earned Private Practice a season pass on my Tivo. The episode featured five relationships on the rocks and a medical practice about to crumble under some serious financial burdens.

But the show takes a non-traditional trajectory by tackling some dicey bio-ethical dilemmas. Is it okay for parents to conceive a child with the express purpose of using the blood from that child’s umbilical cord to save the life of one of their other children? Should a doctor go outside of the law and against a family’s wishes and tell a teenager who’s planning to have sex that he’s HIV positive?

Both of these issues were examined Wednesday night and they lead to some great debates today around the copier near my desk at work. Unlike it’s parent program, Private Practice continues to do a fantastic job of combining new romance, relationship drama, family squabbles, comedy but above all–medicine. That’s something the folks over at Grey’s leave out more often than not.

This episode’s central debates reminded me of one of my other favorites, Picket Fences. Both programs take traditional genres (police, medicine, and/or family dramas) and turn them on their ears a bit. It also intrigues me when shows can manage to be familiar and refreshing simultaneously.

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I am a huge fan of old school ER. I love the stretch of seasons from 1998 to about 2004. It was action-packed, it was dramatic and I had the chance to learn a lot of medical jargon. Compared to Grey’s Anatomy, ER (at least the old stuff) was like a medical text book.

Take for instance this direct quote from a nurse on an old episode of ER I saw a few weeks ago:

” I’m going to change your pad and massage your uterus to firm it up a bit.”

Yikes. And this wasn’t said to just any patient or a bit character, this was someone important. Can you imagine a nurse firming up Izzy’s uterus? They just don’t make TV like they used to.

So imagine my surprise and excitement when I hear the news this week that Dr. Mark Greene (played by America’s nerd Anthony Edwards) is returning to ER this season. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t he dead?” Yes and that episode was beautiful. (I dare you to watch it without crying.) Since ER isn’t crazy enough for zombies, Edwards is returning to ER in flashback form for the show’s final season.

Regardless of the reason, I’m happy he’s back. Hopefully he’ll bring some of the spark back from earlier seasons of the show.

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Ok, I just finished catchin’ my breath after what I thought was a pretty solid Grey’s Anatomy. Yang sprang out of her funk (finally), Meredith was her usual dramatic self, George is retaking the intern exam, and some stupid kid jumped into a pool of cement and almost died. Whew, a fun-filled two hours and what did I decide to blog about? The end of show lip locks. Go figure.

  • George and Lexie Grey–Who didn’t see this one coming? This potential romance had been building all season long and should make for an interesting storyline next year, especially since they’re living together.
  • Chief and his sassy wife–The writers have been hinting at a possible reconciliation for a few episodes, and it was good to see those two crazy kids back together. Only thing that creeps me out is the chief looks like my dad and his wife looks kinda like my mom, so lets keep the pillow talk scenes to minimum, I’m trying to keep my psych bills down.
  • Meredith and McDreamy–After 11 failed clinical trials, the 12th was the charm. They saved a life and in the process may have rekindled their relationship. Meredith and Derek shared a moonlight kiss amidst a sea of candles, that would have made any pre-teen girl shed at least a couple of tears. I’m sure they will break up atleast 7 times next season, but hey, I’m just loving the ride man.
  • Izzie and Karev–Whats the cure for your quasi girlfriend getting diagnosed with a multiple personality disorder? Ummmmm, oh yeah, begging a hot blond friend to make out with you. Not the classiest thing Karev has ever done, but neither is that beard he’s been sporting this season. I don’t see this going anywhere, but lets keep an eye on it.
  • And finally, the big one, you thought it might happen, but you and your other cubicle monkeys didn’t think the writers had the balls to do it. Well they did, Torres and Hahn totally kissed…with tongues. Yikes, I actually just cringed writing that. I thought this kiss was for pure shock value and maybe to freak out the red states a little bit. I can’t wait to see how they weave this one into the story line next year. The on call room just got a little more awkward.

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ABC is putting its chips in the BBC basket and making a re-make of a popular British drama for the fall season. Life on Mars follows a police officer in the prime of his career. Too bad he gets hit by a car and wakes up in 1972. Is he dreaming? Is he in a coma? Or could this really be happening?

It’s a little less “out there” than Pushing Daisies and more creative than Eli Stone. My concern is that people are little worn out on the whole “time-traveling” thing. Journeyman didn’t do so well and it’s one of the most troubling aspects of LOST.

But check out the trailer and see for yourself. Do you think it can survive? One thing helping it out? It’s got the post-Grey’s Anatomy time slot. If you can’t make it there, you can’t make it anywhere.

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