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Well gees! We’ve been knee-deep in season finales this week. Here some snappy reviews:

  • LOST: Whoa! What? Wait, what? We finally meet the mysterious, Jacob and lo and behold he’s handsome. Locke is dead but his body is alive an apparently inhabited by someone else. And did Juliet just ignite an H-Bomb? The season long pattern of providing more answers than questions is apparently over. These 8 months till the final season will be unbearable.
  • The Office: I think my brother and I are the only people who were unimpressed with the finale. Why didn’t I like it? It was hokey as all get out. I don’t watch The Office for that. If I wanted adorable I’d watch Puppy Bowl and call it a day. The Office was on a serious funny streak and this kind of put the kibosh on that. I am curious as to where they’ll take this “new development,” though.
  • Grey’s Anatomy: Speaking of Brother Bear, he’ll be writing a longer review sometime soon. I don’t watch Grey’s much anymore, but I read what happened. I’m not a fan of the show, but I am a fan of getting T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl out of the entertainment news cycle. I would be completely okay with killing both of them off in one fell swoop. That would also leave some holes for new people, new stories, etc. (And have I mentioned how much I hate Meredith’s whining? This might finally shut her up.)
  • Private Practice: Their finale was a few weeks ago but it was awesome! I know that crazy woman won’t actually kill Violet, but will they be able to save the baby? If the baby dies it could put her character on a collision course. Hopefully they’ll acurately portray the mourning period (if there is one). I’m optimistic.
  • 30 Rock: Unlike The Office, 30 Rock has been a little uneven this season but last night’s finale was strong. If you liked the kidney song, you can download it from iTunes. Proceeds go to the National Kidney Foundation.
  • The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency: This show won me over from the beginning. The season finale didn’t disappoint. I hope this is not the last we see of Note Makoti, I hate what he does to Precious, but I love the intrigue and complexity he provides to her character.

Next week we’ve got finales for Ugly Betty, American Idol, and 24 among others. May is such a wonderful time of year!

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Guess who’ll be playing Big Mama Morton in the latest run of Chicago on Broadway?

Grey’s Anatomy star Chandra Wilson! She’s pretty much the only actress on that show that doesn’t make me want to throw up. Wilson (and her character) are strong, proud and sassy and that’s the perfect recipe for Big Mama Morton. I’m not too familiar with her singing voice, but I bet it will be a pretty amazing show.

And in case you were wondering, this is not Wilson’s first time on the great white way. She’s had roles in On the Town and Avenue Q.

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Why is this night different from all other nights? Well here at edubTV, it’s not really. But for my many Chosen friends out there, it’s the first night of Passover. Have a good one buddies. I will try to keep my discussion of  leavened breads to a minimum.

Update time:

  • Yesterday I mentioned that I didn’t know Cherry Jones and Sarah Paulson were an item. I also learned that Liza Weil (Gilmore Girls) and Paul Adelstein (Private Practice) are married. Wha? I would like to join a celeb couple list-serve.
  • Thanks to a generous lead-in from Dancing With The Stars, the premiere of Bob Saget’s new comedy, Surviving Suburbia had an impressive 12 Million viewers on Monday night. Who knew?
  • Arlo Weiner, the 8-year-old son of Mad Men creator Matt Weiner, is my new style/life icon.
  • And finally for my non TV-related link of the week: Cute & Cuter. The only thing better than hot guys? Hot guys holding baby animals or actual babies.

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Oh jees. The day after Valentine’s Day edition.

  • Alec Baldwin: His storyline on 30 Rock was sharp yet adorable this week, he made fun of  Joaquin Phoenix on Conan (sidenote: Joaquin Phoenix is officially batshit nuts now but I sort of like the beard.)  and he made me chuckle during his millionith time hosting SNL last night. Three cheers for you Alec!
  • Blink 182: They’re reuniting! The teenager in me is singing! Actually she’s probably yelling at her parents and retreating to her room to journal and complain about how nobody understands. Either way: Bring on the tour!
  • Jon Hamm/Jennifer Westfeldt: They’re good looking, they’ve been dating forever and they’re having the best Sweeps of all time. Hamm is doing an arc on 30 Rock and Westfeldt is the pregnant woman with some brain issues the Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice crossover event. Both guest appearances are really well done so far, very organic like they’ve been there for years. It’s a shame the shows are competing for eyeballs.

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I’m not usually duped by sweeps stunts. You know, tornados, births, deaths and the like. But everyone knows the best part of spin-offs is the potential for crossovers. As a fan of Private Practice, I had to bite the bullet and watch tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy out of fear I would miss provacative details about the case.

***Spolier Alert***

I didn’t.

I was suckered into watching Grey’s, a show I haven’t paid attention to since the fall of 2007. Tonight, I was reminded why I quit the show cold turkey. Nothing ever changes. Meredith is still whiny, and over reacting and Izzy is still as annoying as ever. Even the new characters (at least new to me) were uninspiring. Who is Dixon and why is she shaking? Who is the blonde woman with the giant eyes and why is she kissing Callie? Bailey provided a little respite…until she pulled out that bedazzler. (Really? Even if she had one, why would she have it at the hospital?) I asked these questions to myself and quickly realized I didn’t really want the answers. I’m over it and just glad my suspicions about the decline of Grey’s Anatomy were confirmed.

But here’s the rub. Tonight’s Private Practice will probably bleed into next week’s Grey’s (damn you sweeps!). Do I give it another go next week, or just ignore the Derek side of the story?

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I’m not put off by the fact that this show will have its own video game. I’m okay with that. Apparently players will have to perform difficult surgeries while maintaining a work-life balance. I don’t watch the show anymore, but I’m pretty sure the characters don’t even pull off the latter so I don’t know how they expect other people too.

Anyway, I’m not scared by the game itself, just these creepy images. They look so…weird. Is that McDreamy? Because he looks a little bit like McStabby. Hopefully the other characters will look less menacing. Let it be known: Hot doesn’t translate to video games.


See the rest of the images for  yourself. The game is coming out for Wii and Nintendo DS. Anybody out there going to buy it?

Image: Remote Island

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This is a race against my computer battery dying. TV updates: Go, Go, Go!

  • The ladies on How I Met Your Mother are preggers. First Alyson Hannigan got knocked up and now Colbie Smulders is with child. They’re probably not writing either pregnancy into the show which means Robin and Lily will be holding a lot of giant purses this season.
  • This sketch would’ve made last week’s SNL hilarious…too bad they cut it. I don’t blame them though, I too live in fear of Rahmbo.
  • Get me on the first flight to LA so I can watch The Mad Men Revue. It’s the supporting cast of Mad Men performing cabaret songs. My heart is aflutter.
  • I’m pretty sure someone in The Fray is sleeping with someone at ABC. First they pretty much rand the music department over at Grey’s and now they’re taking over the new trailer for LOST.
  • Angela Lansbury. Not only is the old broad still alive, but she’s buying poems for homeless vets in grocery store parking lots.
  • And finally, since I’ve been rocking this album all week my favorite non-TV related site of the week: Anywhere you can watch the new Kanye West video. It’s pretty flippin’ gorgeous.

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