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A lot of folks, myself included, watch TV as a form of escape from the ho-hum factor of their everyday lives. TV-living involves more explosions, more love scenes, better apartments and higher salaries. Why not seek solace in the unrealistic?

Today I thought about some of my favorite unrealistic TV couples. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s no love lost between me and these characters, I am simply commenting on the at-times ridiculous nature of their relationships. Others made the list because frankly, I don’t really see them working well together in non-diagetic life.


  • Marshall & Lily, How I Met Your Mother: These two are too so twee it’s painful. Their adorable, overly affectionate, have awesome nicknames for each other (Marshmallow & Lilypad, sigh) and even perform outrageous gestures for each other. (Anyone see this week’s episode? A marching band at the airport? Really?) Their break-up in season 2 was borderline difficult to watch but it made the make-up that much sweeter. Totally unrealistic, but still enviable.


  • Jim & Pam, The Office: This one is a given. Jim pined for Pam for years and I lapped up every second of it. From remembering her favorite yogurt (Mixed Berry) and making her grilled cheese sandwiches, to proposing in the rain and buying his lady love his parents’ house. What pushed this couple over the sugar coated edge? The all day hidden Bluetooth convo.


  • Lois & Peter, Family Guy: Big guy, tiny wife is an age old TV combination (See: The King of Queens, Still Standing, According To Jim) Big, annoying, kind of abusive, inconsiderate guy, tiny wife is a newer one. Yes, I know, Family Guy is animated and also extremely far fetched (once the dog talked all bets were off) but they’re still a pretty ridic couple don’t you think? It makes for pretty funny TV though.

I have a few more for your consideration (Lorelai & Chris, Gilmore Girls, Niles & Maris, Frasier) but won’t bore you with the deets. Any two-somes you’d like to add to the list? For Valentine’s Day we should put together a realistic couple list, put in your votes now.

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