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…at least the East Coast feed. Sorry West Coasters, I’m sure you had some great jokes too.

On Jennifer Hudson, Christina Aguilera and the Aretha Franklin tribute.

Train won an Emmy for “Hey Soul Sister.” (I know, right?) Kanye mentioned that one of the guys from train looks like Howie Mandel. It set off a head nod across the internet and “Howie Mandel” was trending within minutes.

The show continued. Lady Gaga’s performance was surprisingly demure. Her outfit and entrance were not.

We sifted through some country performances and a so-so rock show from Muse. Then Lenny Kravitz came. Needless to say, we were surprised to see him. You can do better Grammys. Way, way better.

Then I don’t remember who came next, Cee Lo or Katy Perry. We’ll say it was Cee Lo. He performed “Fuck You” with Gwyneth Paltrow and what appeared to be the cast of Fraggle Rock. I cried fuzzy tears of joy.

Katy Perry performed too. She was on a giant swing and then she danced with some candy hearts. The best part of her performance was actually when Nicole Kidman started singing along and proved to the entire world that her face moves.

Then we hit kind of a slow patch. No one made good jokes for awhile. But this was altogether true.

Some more awards went by. Then relatively unknown jazz singer, Esperanza Spalding,  beat out Justin Bieber and Florence + The Machine for Best New Artist.


The awards and performances kept coming, then we saw a touching tribute to all the musicians who died. Boy there were a lot of them. Then, due to some awful timing Mick Jagger took the stage.

We continued. Eminem won an award. Diddy came out to introduce Drake and Rihanna. He was a little…sparkly.

Rihanna and Drake took the stage. Their ┬áset was a bit…primitive.

The Tribe has spoken: Rihanna was workin’ that leotard.

Then Lady Antebellum won their 3rd award of the night. How long has that album been out? They performed Need You Now on last year’s Grammys. How is this right? #angryface

Arcade Fire performed and gave everyone a seizure that hurt so good. Though if you don’t listen to Arcade Fire you probably hated it.

But then they gave all the haters a big “Fuck You” by winning Album of the Year a few minutes later…and performing another song. Unprecedented much? They did a very happy version of “Ready To Start.”

Yes, yes they are. Get the album jerks. It’s amazing.

And that’s it from the Grammys. Did your favorite artists win? I’m looking forward to next year. Get ready for Adele noms…and hopefully Kanye speeches.

Update: Arcade Fire had this to say:



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