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Its been awhile since we had a big TV weekend hasn’t it? It’s snowy here so the timing is perfect. A little sledding, a little hot chocolate and then hunkering down for the night with some big TV. Here’s what I’m watching:
Tonight: This one is probably only relevant to the fellow Sconnies who read edubTV but a family from Evansville is featured on tonight’s episode of Supernanny. It shook things up in the tiny little town and I am excited to see how the family and Wisconsin gets represented. We looked pretty awesome on Extreme Makeover Home Edition but then again who doesn’t? And for those of you with a Wisconsin connection (who also kind of hate yourselves), Howie Do It premieres tonight.
Saturday: Neil Patrick Harris is hosting the first SNL after the “winter break.” He can sing, he can dance, he’s hilarious, and he’s easy on the eyes. It’s going to be legen…wait for it…dary. Plus I could really use an NPH fix. I’m going through some serious withdrawl following my HIMYM marathon last week.
Sunday: The Golden Globes! Fancy clothes, drunken celebrities, awards for TV and Film? What a lovely way to spend a Sunday evening. In a GG pool? You can check out my TV picks from a few weeks ago.  Hopefully I do better than I did for my Emmy pool. That was a little embarassing.

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When I heard the latest episode of Intervention highlighted a young woman abusing computer duster I laughed out loud. I know inhalants are serious business, (in fact, I’m still a little shaken by that video we watched in 8th grade where the kid died in the bathroom at the movie theater after trying them once).

But computer duster? Come on. How bad could she be? Oh it’s bad people. Really bad. Borderline tragic. The slurred speech, the missed opportunities, the shifting eyes. This woman is inhaling so much computer cleaner her lungs may very well explode.

Forget Home Makeover, this is probably the show that will trump Kathy Griffin at the Emmy’s this year. They do an amazing job. You can check out the rest of the episode on YouTube as well.

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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition premiered tonight and I’m watching it right now. Because I am a firm believer in enhanced TV and because I missed the first 10 minutes, I did a little research on this episode before committing. As it turns out, this week’s family resides in Hawaii and had their home torn apart by flooding. The matriarch, Theresa Akana, runs a non-profit organization and community center she started and has since helped 9,000 people. ABC boasted that this would be the largest build in Home Makeover history, since the family and the community center were getting new homes. Sounds perfect. Oh and not that it matters, but Akana and her husband have a combined income of $225,000 a year. No biggie though right?

In an interview with the Orlando Journal Sentinel, executive producer EM:HE Denise Cramsey said the families are selected based on “desperation and deserving.” I suppose the Akana’s had done a lot for their small town. Judging from the 3,000 people who helped them that week, the rest of the community thought they needed the help and support. But did the family deserve it more than the countless numbers of families who’ve applied for the show? I want to say no, but hundreds of families can’t be wrong right?


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