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I liked it. The live audience threw me off a bit though, since 30 Rock is usually sans laugh track. It wasn’t the funniest episode of all time, but I appreciated the effort and the special little “live-items” they did to set it apart from a typical broadcast, and it was nice to see Matt Damon and Jon Hamm reprising their role as Liz’s surprisingly-hot-for-someone-so-awkward boyfriends.

It still didn’t hold a candle to the live episode of ER. Anyone else remember that? Historic. They were watching a baseball game in the episode people! A baseball game! (Sidenote: The NY Times hated that episode, but haters to the left. I loved it.)

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Why is this night different from all other nights? Well here at edubTV, it’s not really. But for my many Chosen friends out there, it’s the first night of Passover. Have a good one buddies. I will try to keep my discussion of  leavened breads to a minimum.

Update time:

  • Yesterday I mentioned that I didn’t know Cherry Jones and Sarah Paulson were an item. I also learned that Liza Weil (Gilmore Girls) and Paul Adelstein (Private Practice) are married. Wha? I would like to join a celeb couple list-serve.
  • Thanks to a generous lead-in from Dancing With The Stars, the premiere of Bob Saget’s new comedy, Surviving Suburbia had an impressive 12 Million viewers on Monday night. Who knew?
  • Arlo Weiner, the 8-year-old son of Mad Men creator Matt Weiner, is my new style/life icon.
  • And finally for my non TV-related link of the week: Cute & Cuter. The only thing better than hot guys? Hot guys holding baby animals or actual babies.

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To me, ER ended pretty perfectly. No sappy goodbyes, (they used those up in the proceeding episodes) few tears, but heartfelt nonetheless. Some critics thought Thursday’s finale wasn’t “final” enough, that it didn’t really seem like a season finale, let alone a way to end a series.

I disagree. If ER taught us anything it’s that people come into your life, stay awhile and depart. Some depart after long-stays and some just pass through but they all leave little fingerprints on us. When they leave, we reflect, we remember and we get back to work. In some way, TV shows are just like those patients or good friends. ER came into our homes for 15 years, resulting in some pretty amazing television. But now that it’s over, we don’t need to wallow, (Speaking of which: Enough Sopranos Fans! Move forward!) we just remember what we had, enjoy the reruns and move on. It had a great run, and the diegetic world of County General Hospital gets to keep moving, with or without us.

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I didn’t forget about the HDU…okay maybe I did. Better a little late than never.

Also, since I’m tired and this made me smile today, here’s a special non-TV related treat.

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I thought I’d celebrate the return of all our old favorites to ER last night by posting this hilarious dig at their super-serious promos. The last 5 seconds of the video are my favorite. One of those, “It’s funny ‘cuz it’s true,” moments.

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Howdy Ho! This week was a snap.

Marry: Jason Segel

I took a vacay all last week and I spent a majority of my time truly relaxing. To that end, I watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall and I’m knee deep into How I Met Your Mother on DVD. I started with season 1 on Friday and I’m already on the last disc of season 2. Segel shines on the silver and small screen and it’s made my vacation pretty awesome. He seems like a really genuine and funny guy. Plus he plays the piano and wants to bring back the Muppets. Love, love, love. The only sour note? He may be dating Drew Barrymore. PS: Why haven’t Segel and Michael Cera ever been cast as brothers?

Bop: John Adams

My love for HBO’s John Adams is no secret but I re-watched the first three installments with the family over the weekend and it…was…AWESOME. Haven’t seen it yet? Watch it chumps!

Kill: The Old Doc’s Returning For The Final Season of ER

I will miss ER. I used to be a pretty big fan and I’ve watched some of the episodes this season. But let it be known, not every single doctor (dead or alive?!) whos ever worked at County needs to come back to say goodbye. Case in point, no one needs to “bump into” Dr. Corday. Nobody.

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Post-Election Day High Edition! Let’s keep it short.

  • Sad news first: Michael Crichton, blockbluster author of books like Jurassic Park, and The Andromeda Strain lost his battle with cancer today at the age of 66. Crichton contributed to television as the creator of ER. He based the series off of his own experience as a medical resident.
  • Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s concession speech on The View this morning wasn’t as sincere as John McCain’s but I applaud her good sportsmanship. Sherri Shepard got a bit emotional but then again…who didn’t?
  • Big Love is starting again in January. It’s been close to 16 months since the show aired thanks to the Writer’s Strike. Did you forget what’s going on? Want to get in on the last solid drama HBO has? Check out this four minute catch-up video.
  • Joe Mande is a hilarious comedian/blogger. He plays a little game every week where he mashes up the first and last lines of Andy Rooney’s old man rant on 60 Minutes. This week’s was especially funny.
  • Bravo is gearing up for another season of Top Chef. Say hello to the fresh meat…the new chefs that is.
  • I can’t stand Nancy Grace, but gosh her babies are cute.

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