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My mother taught me a lot and on her special day, I’d like to tell you about the things she taught me in respect to TV. It’s more than you’d think.

  • Never be afraid to fall asleep in front of the TV. If the show is good enough, “It will be on again.”
  • Every time The Sound of Music comes on, stop what you’re doing and watch. Singing along is highly encouraged.
  • If Mom can’t follow it, it must not be good. (Sorry Lost.)
  • Some shows are worth waking up at 4 in the morning for, even after your family gets you a DVR to prevent this. (Ryan’s Hope is better than one would think.)
  • And finally, it’s okay to talk while the TV is on, so long as you’re asking “really important questions.” (Nope, still not.)

Oh Mom. I love ya. You’re may not have the best TV habits but that’s far from a dealbreaker, even with me. Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and mothers everywhere.

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Today marks Hulu’s 1st birthday! I have a hard time believing its only been a year. I visit it almost everyday, it helps me pass the time when I can’t go to sleep, and its saved me when the occasional DVR-memory lapse occurs. It’s the best site of its kind and I hope it sticks around for awhile.

Hulu is marking the occasion with the first annual  Hulu Awards. Fans voted on some of their favorite clips. You can watch the winners here.

They also put together some pretty interesting lists. My favorite is:

Top 10 Most Searched Shows not on Hulu

  1. Lost
  2. South Park
  3. Gossip Girl
  4. NCIS
  5. CSI
  6. Dexter
  7. Smallville
  8. Star Trek
  9. Weeds
  10. Entourage

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(Hey folks, glad you found this post. We’re having some moving problems. Thanks for staying with us during the switch.)

So it’s Saturday and I’m starting a new feature. That’s what new blogs are for folks.

This one’s been on my mind since a fateful episode of 30 Rock when the cast was playing everyone’s favorite game: Marry, Bop, or Kill. Bop of course being the delightful euphemism for that unsavory F-Word.

The idea fell into the recesses of my mind until Defamer began running a similar feature called Watch, Tivo, or Kill. I plan on doing them one better and sticking with the game’s original title.

Everyweek, I’ll provide the characters, episodes, shows, actors, or actresses, I want to Marry, Bop or Kill for the week. How do you make love to a television episode? I haven’t figured that out just yet. One step at a time.

Here’s this week’s results:

Marry: Seth Meyers of SNL

Meyers has been head writer for SNL since 2005 and now he’s finally getting the credit he so rightfully deserves. People are quick to champion his work on the political sketches this season, but the non-political stuff has been super under-rated. Mark Wahlberg talks to animals? The Boat Ride? There’s some solid work being lost in the shuffle.

Meyers is also taking home my first Marry title because I caught an old episode of SNL this week and he did a remarkable job as Anderson Cooper. Anyone who can pull off that faint, elitist accent gets a vote in my book.

Bop: This week’s episode of Greek, “The Popular Vote”

As I’ve mentioned previously, this show is very well-done and is one of the better teen/college comedies on television…ever. However, this week’s episode was surprising, witty, full of pop culture references and nothing if not slightly dramatic. I was watching it on my DVR and kept checking how much time was left because I seriously didn’t want it to end. If you’re not watching Greek get over yourself and give it a chance. The writing is getting sharper and sharper every week and I’ll be sad to see this cycle end on October 28.

Kill: Baseball & Political Debates

Two of my current favorites were pre-empted this week due to politcal debates and baseball playoffs. Are both important? I suppose so. Would I have rather watched Private Practice? Heck yes.

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When you add it all up I follow 6 hours of prime time television on the average Thursday night. Because of scheduling and general sleepiness, watching all of these shows would be nearly impossible without the aid of my DVR and the internet. That got me to thinking; I bet a ridiculous amount of people aren’t even using their TVs anymore.

Think about the number of websites you can go to right now to see episodes of television that were brand new less than 24 hours ago. Stuck? Luckily the New York Post TV blog compiled a list.


They also went one step further and provided a rundown for every show currently streaming new episodes online and where you can find them. Let me tell you, it’s a doozy.

Ridiculous, or just the first signs that that flat screen of yours will soon be your coffee table?

I liken the transition to young people getting rid of landlines. Why keep the big set around when you can take your laptop anywhere, see all the shows you want for the price of your wireless connection, and basically never pay for a cable bill again? It kind of makes you wonder doesn’t it? I suppose most people are keeping their TVs around for sports games and other shows (mostly from premium channels) that they just “can’t get anywhere else.”

But I pose this question to all of you: If sports and the occasional episode of Dexter aren’t holding you back, what’s keeping you from getting rid of your TV?

I’ll answer first I guess. I usually watch TV by myself, so only having a laptop wouldn’t get in the way of my big non-existent TV watching parties. I already get all of my news online or from the newspaper and 100% of the shows I watch are free on the internet or available on iTunes. So what’s stopping me? New Year’s Eve. I haven’t been home for New Year’s Eve in a few years, but I can’t imagine not having a TV to watch that ball drop…even if Dick Clark’s not there. But even after sitting on this for about a half hour, that’s the only reason I could think of.

What about you folks?

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I’m a little under the weather so I’ve spent a lot of time sleeping and watching TV over the weekend.

It’s actually given me a lot of time to catch up with some of my favorite shows on the old Tivo. For those of you unfamiliar with my favorite gadget, Tivo lets you record Season Passes of your favorite shows. You can get all the new ones, the re-runs, etc. I have a relatively high capacity DVR so these shows tend to pile up and I forget about them. Today I took some time to clean-house and watch some of the crap I’ve been subjecting the Tivo to.

Needless to say the whole process was quite revealing. I’ve been recording Dawson’s Creek, King of Queens, and Family Feud. I’ve also got the Tivo set to record anything with Ethan Embry or anytime Meatballs comes on. If I were to die today, this would probably be the most embarrassing part of my life.

I deleted the Meatballs stipulation, and even the Family Feud order. I haven’t been able to cancel the Creek though. Some habits are hard to break.

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