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He’s back! I havent been this excited since Popeyes Chicken put a location in my home city. Last night, HBO’s favorite comedian, Chris Rock, premiered his fourth primetime comedy special and boy did he not disappoint.

Don’t Kill The Messenger took on a daring new format in which Chris taped performances in London, New York, and South Africa then pieced clips from each show together to form one fairly seemeless comedy special. It was a bold move on Rock’s part and I was skeptical at first, but after a short moment of dizzyness, I felt like I was watching comedy history.

Rock touched on politics, the economy, race, and of course…relationships. The show was well paced and quite frankly, hilarious. Chris Rock has firmly cemented his position as the best stand up comedian of our era.

Now if we can only get that crazy Dave Chappelle to come out of hiding, maybe he could challenge the throne.

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