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Sorry I’m late gang. Let’s get to it.

Marry: Steven Weber

He used to just be “the guy from Wings.” Now he’s playing the love interest on both Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters. It’s no small feat to be the leading man for ABC Sunday night.

Bop: Pretty Much Everybody On It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Thursday’s musical season finale tied together a string of hilarious episodes into a pretty awesome bow.

Kill: The Screen Actors Guild & The AMPTP

SAG is getting closer and closer to a strike. While I fully support actors getting paid for appearing in internet videos and other new media ventures, I just don’t think this industry can make it through another lengthy strike. Lord knows I can’t. Cross your fingers they resolve this dispute with the AMPTP.

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Hey gang! Brother bear got to blog last night which means I am full of things I missed from yesterday. We missed the hump day update, but let’s just call it that for old times sake. This will be the last one for edubTV 1.0. Single tear.

  • Former Queer as Folk star and current Desperate Housewives man-candy Gale Harold is in critical condition after a motorcycle accident a few days ago. Reports show he is steadily improving but he is far from out of the woods. Harold’s character has a large role in an upcoming episode involving a nightclub fire. The ep is being shot this week and EP Marc Cherry said it will need to be changed a bit. Hopefully he’ll have a speedy recovery.
  • Have you taken the NY Post Television Aptitude tests? I scored perfect on the comedy edition and did just-ok on the drama. Feel free to leave your score in the comments.
  • Finally those Gossip Girl kids get something right. This faux-PSA about the election starring Blake Lively and Penn Badgely is right on the money. It’s executed much better than that whole “Don’t Vote” mumbo-jumbo.
  • Diablo Cody, Steven Spielberg, Toni Collette and John Corbett teamed up to make a TV show. The result? What looks like another hit for Showtime. The first look is finally available online. And sidenote, boy am I glad John Corbett is back on TV. He is one charming fella.

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Ok, let me preface this post by saying I used to love entourage. I still remember being in college with some of my buddies and joking about how this was the greatest show ever and how awesome it was that HBO finally offered a show poised to be the male equivalent of Sex and the City.

Well folks, my love affair has ended, and apparently, there are some other scorned lovers out there as well. Entourage was a special show from the get go. It featured a lifestyle that, lets face it, is one we all might like to get a taste of. It was able to give viewers a behind the scenes look at the Los Angeles rubix cube known as Hollywood. From business deals, fast women, faster cars, and the empty lives some of these people lead, the show exposed it all–and we watched.

Sadly, this season has come crashing to a boring halt. Characters seem lifeless, the story lines are all over the place (are they ever gonna address drama’s drinking problem or Ari’s anger management issues–which are becoming downright scary)?

This show had a chance to reach new heights and tackle some challenging issues. They needed to force Vince, Turtle, Drama, Ari and E to grow as characters and as men in the primes of their respective lives. Instead, we get an episode about doing magic mushrooms in the desert, while the gay assistant has a naked pool bash. Truly groundbreaking television.

Entourage used to be a shining gem in the HBO lineup, and now, It’s just a show that I time shift after I watch Dexter and Desperate Housewives. I wish the guys in L.A. the best and hopefully they can recapture the magic they had four seasons ago, because quite frankly, I’m just done with season 5.

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My brother and I get on gChat and talk about TV occasionally. Here’s today’s installment on the season premiere of Desperate Housewives. The show is now taking place five years into the future. I add some punctuation, capital letters, and a few items in parentheses so the conversation actually makes sense.

: I happened to enjoy Desperate

10:30 AM Chris: Yeah, I guess it got a little better towards the end.
10:31 AM The 5 yr experiment should be interesting, but it should take the show in a new direction.
me: I liked the whole thing. I was kind of sick of some of the old stories and this kind of lets everyone start over.
10:32 AM Chris: Yeah I feel ya. I think they really did it because, babies aren’t that interesting. A couple of the women had really young kids–C’mon, how fun is that?
10:33 AM me: Not fun at all. I thought it was interesting that we still didn’t really see Susan’s kid.He’s like 5, she was without him a lot.
Chris: Yeah not until the very end.
LOL…cause she’s the worst mom ever.
me: Exactly. And I didn’t think Lynette’s twins were 11 last season.
Chris: (Still on Susan) …and doesnt she write KID’S books? NQ…..NOT QUALIFIED, lol.
me: (on the twins) They looked about 9.
10:34 AM And where is their (Lynnette & Tom’s) daughter?
10:35 AM Chris: Yeah, I would agree on both fronts about Lynette’s kids…I was kinda wondering the same thing. But once again..8th graders are boring. There’s a lot you could do with high school kids who are of driving age.
I think they are just trying to maximize story lines.
me: Yeah but they could’ve made the other son driving age
Chris: Ahhhh, good point.
10:36 AM But he is kind of a nerd right? Maybe he’s already at college
me: Well he must be.
If their saying the twins were 11 last year, the older one must’ve been 12 or 13.
Chris: yep
10:37 AM me: Well either way it was interesting. I like that Edie’s husband is a rage-a-holic.
10:38 AM Chris: (Going totally off subject) Oh crap…i just realized i never watched P-Break last night.
Sweet…Bonus DVR today!
me: It was good.
Chris: (Returning to the subject) Yeah, you know they had to have a twist, and with that creepy hair—I figured it was him.

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There’s quite a TV traffic jam tonight. I plan on recording or watching pretty much everything on this list and then making decisions as to what stays on my schedule. It’s going to be a long night.

-Season Premiere (The 20th to be exact): The Simpsons – Fox 8/7c
-Season Premiere: Amazing Race 13 – CBS 8/7C
-Season Premiere: Desperate Housewives – ABC 9/8C
-Season Premiere: Californication – Showtime 9/8C
-Season Premiere: Brothers & Sisters – ABC 10/9C
-Season Premiere: Dexter – Showtime – 10/9C
-New Episode: Entourage – 10/9C
-New Episode: Mad Men – 10/9C

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I caught the first annual Bravo A-List Awards tonight. It was flamboyant, funny, a little yuppie and full of advertisements…basically it was like every other Bravo show ever.

Kathy Griffin hosted, but even on an award show that no one’s really taking seriously, she didn’t get to cut loose. The crowd (surprisingly B-List considering the occasion) didn’t seem to get a lot of the jokes.

The awards were a little confusing. They weren’t necessarily awards for Bravo shows, TV shows or entertainment in general. They gave out awards for A-List designers, restaurants, best ass, and a few acting awards. It’s like they picked out some categories from a be-dazzled hat and decided to run with it. It was an hour and a half episode of Stuff White People Like.

The only upside to so many random awards is that some folks who don’t usually get nominated for anything walked away with wins. Three cheers for Dana Delaney (Desperate Housewives) and Rainn Wilson (The Office) who finally got the credit they deserved.

So what’s my five word review of tonight’s show:

Meh. Better than Housewives re-runs.

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Despite being two separate episodes strung together with a title screen, tonight’s Desperate Housewives finale still managed to pack a pretty solid wallop of suspense, outlandish mystery, whimsy and humor.

If you haven’t had a chance to commit to tonight’s epic, it’s probably best you bypass the rest of this post. For those of you who tuned in, let’s dish.

  • Maynard? Not a bad name for a baby…goat that is. They couldn’t compromise and make Maynard a middle name? I digress. Regardless, Maynard will end up in the newborn baby mystery spot. If you don’t watch a lot of TV, this is where all the newborn babies go when their parents are out having fun and getting into hilarious hijinks. (See: Emma on Friends, Ben on Desperate Housewives, etc.)
  • Anyone else glad Kayla’s gone? I would be happy if that storyline is just gone forever. Tom can mention her in passing but if she ever finds her way back to Wysteria Lane it will be too soon.
  • Katherine’s husband Wayne went from zero to batshit nuts in about 40 minutes. At first he was kind of a stereotypical abusive husband character, more intimidation than anything else. Then tonight, he kidnaps, he almost kills, he tortures, he threatens. WTF? Did it seem sudden for anyone else or am I just a poor judge of TV characters?
  • And speaking of which – Romanian orphanage? Katherine Mayfair is officially the most desperate of the desperate housewives.
  • I missed whether or not Gabby made it out with the duffle of money. Any chance she’ll hold on to it?

So much to think about this summer.

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