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It’s Wednesday. Paula Abdul is performing on the Idol Stage. Hilarious. Pyrotecnics were involved.

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I don’t know if you’ve heard or not, but times are tough. Folks are running out of money, losing their jobs and homes left and right. When the trouble hits Main Street, the big companies suffer too. One way they’re saving some serious dough? Re-using their old commercials.

It makes good sense. For some companies, the product hasn’t changed, why spend the money to say the same thing? Not only does it cut back on spending, but we get to see some of the old and familiar commercials we used to love…or at least the ones I loved.

The one that inspired me to write this post was this old Folger’s ad. I’m a Tivo user, but when I see it pop up, I usually slow down, and sometimes I even stop. You listening marketers?

I’ve never had a cup of coffee, but this commercial kind of makes me want one…or at least learn how to Irish dance.

One commercial I’d like to see back on the airwaves is the McDLT. Jason Alexander may be ready to move on, but I’m not.

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When you don’t go to church, Easter is basically Thanksgiving’s annoying little brother. No days off of school, no turkey, no football.

On Easter’s side?

1. They always play The Sound of Music or the 10 Commandments on TV.

2. This commercial.

Why did the little black girl have to be in a barn? Haterz. Also, M&Ms have never looked so appealing.

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Full disclosure: I purchased a ShamWow for my mother for Christmas. Her idea, not mine. Regardless, I’ve felt a little ridiculous ever since. Making a homemade Snuggie didn’t help much.

This song made me feel better though. Thanks to the musical stylings of Rhett & Link, the ShamWow is finally cool…as cool as a weird towel can be.

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Yes, the girl in question was fit and the shoes probably made her fast too. But to Jason’s credit, I also imagine it’s hard to run with a chainsaw.

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I don’t think I would’ve been able to keep my cool as well as this kid.I get spooked when I think one person is following me, let alone several dozen. Nice stunt though. It beats the hell out of the regular commercials.

Hat Tip to Boy Genius Report

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This is a true battle royale edubbers.

In this corner, the latest effort from McDonald’s. Mickey D’s has always had a strong urban campaign push, but this one really takes it up a notch. After I was done watching it I didn’t know whether to place an order for a 10-piece or make a booty call. In case you were wondering I went for the nuggets.

In the other corner, a rookie out of Oklahoma City, Mr. Spriggs BBQ. At first the images and the vocalĀ  seem really disparate, almost accidental. But then you get a shot of the ladies dancing behind the counter and you realize this was all intentional…and perfect.

So who does it for you folks? Vote now, vote often.

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