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Today I decided to peruse through my On Demand menu to find something enjoyable to watch while I ate lunch. I stumbled into the HBO Series section and decided to watch the pilot episode of The Life & Times Of Tim. I have never been so instantly rewarded in my life.

TL&TOT is an animated comedy about an average guy who finds himself in some painfully awkward situations. The humor is bone-dry but fans of shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm and Home Movies will fall in love with Tim despite his constant slip-ups.

However, if you’re one of those people who¬† can’t make it through an episode of The Office because you think Michael is “so weird” then chances are you won’t get this show either. Seriously people, when I say the humor is dry, I mean it. You could start fires with the pilot.

The show is receiving mixed reviews from critics but I’m hoping it will stick around for awhile, especially since HBO has nothing left to lose at this point. The only wrinkle for the show may be the network actually. TL&TOT might find a better home on Cartoon Network’s late-night block Adult Swim, or even Comedy Central. Should the worst happen and HBO decides to bump it, I can definitely see one of those networks scooping up the re-runs.

But do your part and watch the show now. Need more convincing? Get started with some clips. I’m telling ya people, it’s my best find in a long time.

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I don’t watch Dancing With The Stars but I do like to see which “celebs” they can wrangle to participate. The list has improved each go round and this season’s crop of stars includes some pretty notable names (Beijing Gold Medalist Misty May-Treanor and gastrosexual Rocco DiSpirito to name a few) but none of them are as legit famous/talented as Cloris Leachman.

She’s an Oscar winner, and an Emmy winner a million times over. Plus she’s tough as nails, even at 82-years-old. And did I mention she’s flippin’ hilarious!

Here’s the video (Sorry it’s not embedded. I’m working on it. ) of Leachman sticking it to Bob Saget and the rest of the panel at Saget’s Comedy Central Roast. When I saw this on TV I went into one of those ” I’m pretty sure I can’t breathe yet I can’t stop laughing” kind of moments. She may be worth watching Dancing for.

Want more? Here’s Part 2.

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