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Here are all the links you need to map out when and where to look for your favorite Christmas specials. To my chosen friends out there, feel free to send me links to all of the calendars with the Hanukkah specials and I’ll link to those too. 🙂

  • USA Today’s website has a pretty neat interactive calendar. It’s not all inclusive but if you’re a Christmas Special traditionalist it should do the trick.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, CliqueClack has the most thorough Christmas Special Guide ever available on their site. Great if you want to see what’s happening on a particular day, kind of inefficient if you’re looking for a certain movie or show in particular.
  • And of course, no list is complete without our friends at ABC Family and the 25 Days of Christmas, though I still don’t really understand why Cars is seasonal. Call me old school.

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Marry: Christmas Specials

I am already knee deep in Christmas movies and since it’s after Thanksgiving I no longer have to hide my enthusiasm. This weekend I watched Elf, The Santa Clause, The Santa Clause 2, This Christmas, White Christmas, the holiday episodes of Monk, Psych, two Christmas eps of Will & Grace and a shitty Lifetime movie called Moonlight & Mistletoe. I am a junkie for anything with sleigh bells, a tree and holiday mishaps. This season couldn’t come soon enough. Want to know when all of your favorites ( and the crappy cheesy movies) will be on? Check out ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas line-up.

Bop: No Award This Week

I have a bookmarks folder labeled “Bop” where I file away links to my nominees for this award every week.   For one reason or another, no one rose to the top this time. It’s not every week I feel like making love to my TV set or a cast of characters. Maybe the holiday season got to me…or there just wasn’t any grope-worthy television this week.

Kill: The Folks Pricing DVDs at Fox

24:Redemption is on DVD this week. Not surprising. What is shocking? The sticker price. The two-hour TV movie is retailing for $19.99. Are you kidding me? A full season of 24 retails at around $30 – $40 bucks and you can usually find it on sale for even cheaper. (All six seasons are currently $19.99 each on Amazon right now). So where do the folks at Fox get off selling an 88 minute movie for $20? Ridiculous!

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I am sitting at my parents’ house watching one of my all time favorites, How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Not that blasphemous Jim Carrey movie, but the old cartoon with the vocal stylings of Boris Karloff. The singing, the beady eyes, the little dog Max loaded down with gifts…all of it signals in my holiday season.

But here’s the rub; It’s November 16.

I consider myself a apart of the “Sooner The Better” camp. When I was younger, the build-up of the holiday season was to get to Christmas. Now, the fun is in the build-up itself. I can take or leave Christmas Day, but if you cut out my 4-6 weeks of carols, specials, cookies and theme parties, I will cut you.

Thanksgiving is historically the beginning of the Christmas season, but commercialism has pushed it up a little earlier. Four weeks wasn’t enough Saturdays for doorbusters, megasales and the like. So they jumped the shark and started the season right after Halloween. Can you blame them?

So with early shopping comes early everything. My local radio station is already on 24/7 Christmas music, and the Saved By The Bell episode where they take-in the homeless girl came on earlier last week. This lead me to more Christmas specials which brought me here…to my parents’ house…watching The Grinch.

What do you think folks? When should these holiday shows start-up? Is Thanksgiving too late to start all the fun or is it absurd to be watching anything Santa prior to the carving of a turkey?

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Week In Review

Amazing Race
The teams are in Holland doing a sport called ditch vaulting. Nothing maks me smile more than skinny blond bitches trying something and failing miserably. Especially when failing means they end up covered in mud. Thank you for making my Sunday AR.

I miss Kate & Pat already. One thing I noticed tonight. Doesn’t Pat look a little like Dr. Harry Weston (Richard Mulligan) from Empty Nest? They could be brother and sister.

Christmas Specials
The classic cartoon version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas was on TBS twice this weekend. Some may say it’s too early. I say these things can’t start soon enough. My favorite special is The Little Drummer Boy. Who knew a crappy song on a snare was better than gold or myrrh. Not at the top of my wishlist. If you’re looking for an exhaustive list of when all of these things are coming on, especially on ABC Family, then peep this. I just made your day.

Dr. Donda West
Kanye’s mom unexpectedly passed away yesterday. She has nothing to do with TV, but I have an inkling she was a classy lady. In this interview on WGN, she discusses her book, Raising Kanye, and her parenting style. The best part? You can tell she secretly hates those ignorant, annoying anchors. She was brilliant English scholar and she raised a musical genius. It’s a true tragedy.

Curb Your Enthusiasm
Nothing much to say except it’s been really funny this season. I like that Larry and Cheryl are separated. I appreciate it when art imitates life. Plus, with how annoying he is on the show, it’s amazing she never left him earlier. And Vivica A. Fox is superb as the matriarch of the Black family. I never saw her as a comedian, but I am not too proud to admit I was wrong.

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