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This is an old article on AMC and its’ generation of TV Auteurs. It’s another example of letting creativity and passion reign, and reeling in success. But at what cost? Time to get back to streaming Mad Men on Netflix…

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1.Strapped for time
2.Feeling Creative
3.Anxious to talk about these shows

    What’s the end result? My reviews of The L Word series finale and the Breaking Bad season premiere in haiku form. Not familiar with this form of Japanese poetry? (Sidenote: Where were you in third grade?)

    It’s three lines and 17 syllables long. It’s a 5-7-5 pattern my friends. Try to keep up. Usually Haikus are about things existing in nature or the seasons but this won’t be the first time an American has bastardized something from Japan. (Sorry about Godzilla and Benihana!)

    The L Word Finale Haiku Review:

    Mystery unsolved

    Who killed Jenny? I think

    you can Bette on it

    The Breaking Bad Season 2 Premiere Haiku Review:

    Ten more deals to go

    Kidnapped? That will slow things down

    Bad is great again

    Follow these links for L Word and Breaking Bad reviews with a little more meat to them.

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    It was Oscar night. Fun show huh? I followed it on Twitter with all my Tweeps. Quite a community out there.

    Anyway, here are this week’s winners in my book. Suck it academy!

    Amazing Race 14: I love these people. Mel & Mike White are so adorable and having the time of their lives. Margie and Luke are generous and enthusiastic. Everyone is compelling (except that pesky dating couple). And did I mention my sincere love for Steve and Linda the couple from Virgina? I am a little concerned about Linda constantly asking Steve whether or not he’s mad at her but when she’s not concerned about his feelings/her well-being , they’re a pretty cute couple.

    Spoiler Alert: If she’d only waited and paraglided with Mel! I’m sad to see Steve and Linda depart tonight.

    Carla on Top Chef: She has giant eyes, she makes good food and she’s the only person who can beat Stefan for the title. I sincerely hope she does. That guy needs to be taken down a peg.

    Breaking Bad Minisodes: I love this show with a fiery passion only reserved for AMC original programming. These little clips are getting me read for the show’s return on March 8.

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    The American Film Institute stepped outside the silver screen to announce their selections for the ten most outstanding television shows of 2008. The AFI will honor these shows at their annual awards luncheon in January. The list?

    • Breaking Bad
    • In Treatment
    • John Adams
    • Life
    • Lost
    • Mad Men
    • The Office
    • Recount
    • The Shield
    • The Wire

    It’s nice to see The Wire get recognized. I’m not a fan but I know a good show when I see one. I’m  surprised to see Life on the list but it does have quite a little following. Three cheers for Breaking Bad cutting through the proverbial clutter.

    Shocking omissions: No Damages? No 30 Rock? Very Interesting.

    Anyone else notice any glaring absences?

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    So there’s a lot to say about the Emmy nominees and I may not be able to get it all in this post.

    First, if you take a quick look at the list (which is impossible by the way, there are a lot of categories) you’ll discover a few shows/actors/etc that were really surprising. Best Week Ever took a look at some of the shocking inclusions but I made a list of my own.

    -Take a look at this list of Emmy nominees: Canterbury’s Law, Disney Phineas And Ferb, Kid Nation, Pirate Master, Saving Grace. Please note that the list includes Pirate Master and one of my favorite shows of all time, Kid Nation. Can you guess what category this is? Outstanding shows no one watched? Worst shows ever according to the NY Times Arts section/the rest of society? Nope? Outstanding Original Main Title Music. I know! Who knew? If Kid Nation wins an Emmy…in anything, it will be the best day ever.

    -John Adams smoked every single mini-series category. The HBO miniseries earned a mind boggling 23 noms. 23. Expect to hear their patriotic theme a million times on show night.

    -Tina Fey and the rest of the 30 Rock gang scored 17 nominations, granted four of those are in one category (Outstanding Guest Actor In A Comedy Series). This show still doesn’t get enough love. I think the only way people will watch it is if it can sweep the comedy, actress in a comedy series, and actor in a comedy series. The thing is, I think it can and will.

    -Bryan Cranston got nominated for his superb work on Breaking Bad. My roommates hated this show and to them I say, ” I told you so.”

    Other than Two and a Half nomination (seriously?) the list is pretty much exactly as I’d hoped. You can read the whole thing right here. Despite the strike, it looks like it’s going to be an excellent awards season.

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    The nominations for the Television Critics Awards came out today. Unlike the Emmy’s, the TV critics tend to know what they’re talking about and it’s always interesting to check out which shows they think are a cut above the rest.

    You can see the full list here but here are some stats worth mentioning.

    – HBO miniseries John Adams earned three nominations. That may not sound like too many but there are only 9 categories. The show may not win for program of the year but Paul Giamatti will probably walk away with the award for Individual Achievement in Drama.

    – Christina Applegate earned a nom for Individual Achievement in Comedy for her work on Samantha Who. Applegate outshines this show. Without her, it probably wouldn’t have made it past the Writer’s Strike.

    Breaking Bad is off to a great start, with a nomination for Outstanding New Program. I hope this praise means Emmy will shine on this gem of a show as well. Bryan Cranston was superb as a dying teacher and Meth-maker.

    Flight of the Conchords earned a few nominations as well. The boys may walk away with an Emmy this year and I can’t wait to hear their acceptance speech.

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